Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flying is for the birds...

Vivian's cold finally seems to be improving. Yay!
Her breathing and her coughs were so ragged that it was really starting to concern me, but time and the vaporizer seems to have done the trick. Today she's been much better overall.

The girls have been so whiny and emotional this week. The cold damp weather we've been having doesn't help anyone's mood either.
Vivian seems to be mostly affected by her cold (Shiloh is basically over hers) and the fact that on top of the cold, she definitely has a molar bothering her. I was feeling for her molars the other day and when I touched one spot, she started crying. :(

Shiloh is probably feeling a little cooped up since I haven't wanted to take them out with Vivian so sick. But I think the underlying tensions of the household as we prepare for our impending trip is bothering her as well.
DH's father's one year "death anniversary" is coming up here in October. That is their wording, or rather Wikipedia's wording, instead of a memorial like we would say here.
 Apparently it is an important occasion in Chinese culture in which it is proper for us to be in attendance.

Shiloh has been really great about picking out what toys or movies she wants to bring, and assuring me she'll share with Vivian.
She's also been good about letting me try various outfits on her. It's been so hard to choose outfits for the flights that will go from a rainy 50-ish degrees to muggy high 80's...and don't have any metal on them to trigger the metal detectors at the airport...and aren't a jacket so that they'll have to removed when we go through security...and has shoes/sandals that can be removed relatively quickly (as I have to remove three (myself & the girls) pairs of shoes/jackets etc. to go through airport security)...and that go with dark socks because the thought of walking barefoot or seeing the bottoms of white socks after they walk on an airport floor totally grosses me out!
Needless to say, it is not an outfit (or three!) that just pops out of the closet at you and I've had to redo them several times.
Hmm, maybe she's picking up on my stress...Noo, who's stressed? ;-)

It's not like I'm arguing with my husband because he insists on wearing a belt on the plane. I'm not telling him that I don't care if his pants fall down...because I remember being stuck trying to put my shoes back on, and put shoes on both of the girls, and put Shiloh's backpack back on her, and catch our laptop and carry-on bags before they fell off the conveyor belt, and keep the girls close by while I watch people already boarding our plane...

Meanwhile he was being patted down by security because his belt kept triggering the alarm....and he looks suspicious.

Now that might stress me out...yeah.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feed a cold...

Shiloh's cold is making the rounds now. :(
Shi only had really one bad day, then just a bit of a lingering cough after that.
The cold has hit Vivian pretty hard though. She has an awful cough and congested breathing and a runny nose and it's lasting much longer for her.
We've got a Vicks vaporizer running for her, but I had to stop it for a bit tonight since the steam was making her too sweaty.
I'm starting to feel rather blah and achy but I'm hoping since Shiloh was able to get over this cold so quickly that it will be mild for an adult.

I made us all some lame-o chicken soup. It was lame because I didn't have a whole lot of the ingredients that I wanted (and I wasn't about to drag sick children to the grocery store in the rain storm)...but it tasted good and hopefully it had some helpful benefits. I did make some really good biscuits to go with the soup though, so hopefully that counteracted the weakness of the soup. :)

Vivian has been really difficult to feed with her cold because she is so congested, and can't breathe and eat at the same time. She takes a few bites, then she's tired and done.
It took her most of the morning to eat a piece of toast, coming and going.
So I made some chocolate cookies this afternoon and added mint chips, they are yummy and the mint actually helps clear your stuffy head a little!
They are a yummy comforting snack for when you have a cold, I'll have to note that on the recipe! ;)

The spider has still been hanging out in our window. This morning she was spinning a new web and it was so fascinating to watch her so closely.
The girls were so interested in watching her that they even ignored that fact that their favorite cartoon was on the television at the same time!

Today Shiloh was playing with a baby doll. Very unusual for her, she prefers stuffed animals. It was funny because Vivian was following Shiloh everywhere carrying around her Elmo doll, and everything that Shiloh said to her baby doll, Vivi would repeat to Elmo.
"Oh, good Elmo. Good Elmo. You k' Elmo? Awwww..." :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

I don't think her name is Charlotte

We noticed yesterday that Vivian says "Shiloh" and "Yellow" almost exactly the same. Which is funny and sometimes she also misunderstands when you tell her something is yellow, she'll point at Shiloh. Vivian (pointing at Shi): "dee yeh-yo!" (translation: there's Shiloh)
Shiloh: "I'm not yellow! I'm skin! I'm not yellow, Vivi!
Vivian (still pointing): "dee yeh-yo!"
Shiloh:"No Vivi! I'm skin! look! I'm not yellow! I'm skin!"
Vivian (leaning toward Shiloh to make a point): "yeh-yo!"
Shiloh: "no yellow! Skin!"
Oh, it was too funny! They were both so confused!

Last night Shi was coughing (or as she calls it, choking) most of the night. She still managed to sleep pretty well but this morning she had come down with a full-blown cold.
Watery eyes, runny nose, and a cough.
She might also be running a low-grade fever, but it's hard to tell since today's temps are in the 80's but despite that, she's been resting on the couch under a blanket watching videos which probably alone makes her temps a little high.
Fortunately the cough syrup takes care of the cough almost completely, you can tell right when it wears off though because she is coughing full-time then.
All day long she's asked for chocolate-chip pancakes and I finally got a chance to make them around dinnertime.
She had two pancakes which is pretty good for a person with a stuffed up nose, but that's certainly not her normal amount of pancakes. She loves chocolate-chip pancakes!

I spotted this spider outside our window today...our Halloween decoration.

From what I can find online, it is an Orb-weaver spider, more specifically a Female Orb-weaver spider because of her size. Aren't you glad you read such an informative blog? lol.
I watched it kill a wasp and a beetle today and whoa! does this thing move fast! (shudder!)
It also seems to be rather aggressive, when you tap on the window it lifts its front legs in an attack pose!
Been rather fascinating though, the girls were quite interested in watching it wrap up the beetle in a silk cocoon though neither of them wanted to get too close to window and the spider definitely made Vivi nervous.
She keeps running to look at the window and says "eww, gohss" (gross). lol

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Corn dog shopping

The girls and I had some shopping to do today at Wal-Mart and Target both.
Wal-Mart has the best deal for baby wipes...but Target has the better price for diapers.
Wal-Mart is cheaper for laundry detergent and fabric softener...but Target had cheaper batteries.
Such a balancing act between the two stores, usually I'd just pay a few cents more to get all my shopping done at one place but today my list was pretty evenly divided between the two stores and the savings were significant enough to make the two stops worth it.

I also picked up some corn dogs. I haven't had one since I was a kid at home, I think.
Shiloh and I have been talking about them, they were mentioned on a show and when I explained what they were she was all excited and wanted to try them.
Then I found a coupon in the newspaper...and today I found them!
Not the healthiest food in the world, with all the fat and calories but occasionally it's nice to indulge in some tasty, tasty fat and calories!  :)
The girls liked them until they reached the stick inside, then they both wouldn't eat any more until I pulled the corn dogs off the sticks and handed them each a fork.

I wore the kids out pretty good with our shopping spree.
Well, you're always at the farthest point from the bathrooms when someone has to use them and I have to dig my diaper bag out of the cart and all three of us have to make the trek.
It also takes a long time for three noses....make that three female noses to decide which detergent and fabric softener smell the best!
Not to mention the time it takes for Shiloh to select which two pairs of socks she wants...or the time wasted when dirty creepy guy tried to sing "ABC's" to the girls.
(turns out creepy guy is a cart pusher...lovely, so we can see him each time we go to the store. awesome.)

Vivian's only nap was falling asleep in the truck on the way home from shopping...and even Shiloh started to fall asleep while eating her dinner.
Actually I'm hoping they're both tired enough to sleep well tonight.
Vivian was up a lot last night and even Shiloh slept really restlessly so I would really love it if they slept good tonight!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adventures in Gardening

Vivi had an awful night, even with Motrin she slept restlessly and complained that her teeth hurt. :(
She's supposed to be getting four more molars anytime now, and when I was feeling for them she was able to tell me that one place hurt so that might be the molar coming down.
Then she only took an hour-long nap this afternoon and woke up crabby and clingy.

I thought taking the girls outside in the sunshine and with their little gardening bags to pick tomatoes would cheer her up.
She was happy with that...for a little bit.
I had to climb inside our huge tomato bush-thing to pick out the tomatoes deep inside and I laid them on the path so the girls could place them in their bags.
Worked well...until Vivi accidentally stepped on a few tomatoes.
Then she cried.

Then Vivi tripped in the rows and got her hands dirty...and cried.
We picked all the ripe tomatoes and went inside. I pull out a bowl and have the girls transfer the tomatoes from their gardening bags into the bowl.
Vivi dropped some tomatoes out of her bag...and cried.
She almost stepped on one of the tomatoes she dropped, but thankfully didn't!

I was busy peeling tomatoes to freeze and Vivian came over and gave me something small and dark that she was holding in her hand.
I thought it was the little stem off one of the tomatoes.
It was a live (and quite active, I might add!) black slug that she so casually placed in my unsuspecting hand.
Then I cried! :-P

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Shiloh!

Today is my sweet Shiloh's 4th birthday!
She was so incredibly excited for her birthday. :)
Yesterday I made her birthday cake with her directions. A pink cake (strawberry) with pink icing and a blue heart on it. I also sprinkled pink sugar over top for sparkle!
Since she is still nervous about presents after that Christmas Doll incident (it really was traumatizing!), I had her help me wrap her gifts for her birthday yesterday  so she would know that nothing was scary in the packages.

It did help a lot, she would repeat to herself what the present was "that's my Candyland in there. i know it's my Candyland" and then she would help her Daddy tear off the paper.
At the end she even opened some gifts that she didn't know what was inside (DH and I did a pre-screening of the presents though to be sure nothing would scare her).

The girls also picked out Princess dresses to wear today, and one of the gifts for both of them today were pink princess/dress shoes to complete their ensembles!

In the afternoon I needed to go out to vote.
Both girls changed out of their dresses first, which I appreciated. For although they would've looked adorable, it would be hard to keep the dresses clean and off the ground.
One of the ladies at the voting table asked the girls' ages and I told them that it was Shiloh's birthday. So all the ladies wished her a happy birthday and she beamed! (and twirled...of course).
They gave both of the girls "I voted today" stickers too, which was sweet.
I also got to meet the Pastor's wife and talk with one of the older ladies of our church, which was really nice.
They also wished Shiloh a happy birthday, and she beamed and twirled. ;)

Then we came home and the girls rode their bikes, and picked tomatoes and pumpkins and helped me prune our lilac bush.
Shiloh made a phone call to her Grama on her play phone, though of course I only heard one side of the conversation.
"Hi Grama! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! I love you!"
Then she laughed hysterically for about 15 seconds at something funny "Grama" said...
"Okay, I love you! Bye!"

I was having a mental block morning, it was so bad I couldn't even complain about it properly. "Ugh, I'm so flighty this morning! I can't even....I can't even....I can't even put two brain thoughts together!"
Yep, brain thoughts. I've been lacking a lot of those lately.

I've got to go pull out the Mommy sewing kit now.
I need to repair a stuffed bottle, re-seam a unicorn, and reattach a ribbon and flower to Shiloh's princess costume. :)

Thankfully the work doesn't take too many brain thoughts! lol ;-D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My 9/11 post...

I meant to start this last night so at least it would be dated correctly (9/11 instead of 9/12) but that didn't work out so well...obviously. ;)

The big question that seems to be appearing on everywhere for today is "Where were you on that fateful day?"
My story is not that exciting but regardless, I doubt anyone has forgotten where they were.

Nine years ago, (doesn't seem like that long ago though) I was getting ready for work,  and that was when I worked at the veterinary clinic.
I liked to turn on the TV while I was putting my makeup on and finding my shoes etc.
I turned it on and all the news coverage was of this (one) plane that had hit the World Trade Center.
The news media was busy speculating whether it a plane malfunction or terrorist attack or any other theories that they could spin out.
Then as I watched, the second tower was hit. :(

When I went into work they had brought a radio in and kept that on through most of the day.
A small plane flew over later that afternoon and everyone in the clinic ran to the windows nervously, both staff and clients because the news said that all planes were grounded.
I'm pretty sure it was just a crop duster or something, it was small.

My husband...well, future husband at that point was already in the US, and was visiting his uncle, also in the US.
They woke him up to tell him the news, and yes I tease him about the fact that I was getting ready for work and he was still in bed! ;)
He was supposed to take a train back home that day but when he got to the train station it was just pure chaos. They didn't have screening protocols at that point and were just on the spot suddenly having to check everyone and everything and it was a backlogged mess. Plus later, I believe, they stopped all train runs completely.
So he spent an extra day or two at his uncle's place until he could get a ride home via alternate transportation.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I need some chocolate

Yesterday I had another dentist appt.
I've now switched from Dr. "ooh-that-make-you-gag-a-little" to a different dentist, the clincher to making that switch was the last appt. I had there.
So now I am going to the Dentist that I took Shiloh to see. They are really nice and have new equipment that isn't duct-taped (always a plus!) and they keep all your information and charts of your teeth right on their computers so they definitely don't lose your files. yay!
Yesterday they removed the one silver filling that I had and replaced it with a nice tooth colored filling. The dentist said that the old filling was starting to deteriorate and needed to be replaced. Thinking back, that filling was approximately 20 years old so yes, it probably was time!
My appt. was at 9am and I was leaving their office by 9:45! Awesome!

Vivian has been stuck to me like velcro lately so it was a bit tricky getting out the door without her grabbing her shoes to come along, but her Daddy said she was fine while I was gone so that was a relief.

Then yesterday afternoon, Vivian tripped over Shiloh and banged her chin on an open drawer in the kitchen. She didn't cut her chin, though she has a pink mark that is pretty much in the same place as Shiloh's scar. She did bite her tongue but she is just so much more calmer than Shi...needs less comforting before she can tell you what hurts.
She cried for a second or two and then she was able to answer my questions and stuck out her tongue so I could check it.
She was so thrilled that I was giving her a popsicle before dinner (to help her tongue stop bleeding) that she basically forgot she was injured after that. :)

I think maybe we've been cooped inside too much lately or something, because the girls keep banging into things!...And with Vivi waking during the night fussing and then she's up at 6am...well, these days Mama is not quite quick enough on her feet!

DH put away the AC yesterday as well. We've kept the fans out in case we still have some warmer days but I've noticed a lot of people are decorating for fall already.
I don't quite feel there yet.
I had to pull out some different curtains for the window that had the AC in it, now that it's removed.
When I was in the closet getting the curtains, I noticed the "birthday" presents for Arianna that I had stored there. I pulled them out and was looking at them when Shiloh came up next to me and asked what I was looking at.
I told her and she said "Mom, i feel sad. i do. my heart is sad and i don't know why."
I could only explain that we all feel sad and we're missing Baby Arianna. I try to keep it simple and she doesn't want to talk about it much but a couple times she's been excited when she hears Arianna's name on the TV or sees something for baby girls and then you can see that she suddenly remembers and her face falls. :(
I saw this quote and I find it so true.
"There is no footprint so small that it does not leave an imprint in this world."

*ETA- I spoke to Shiloh about the reason that Arianna doesn't need these clothes in the gift, because she is in Heaven with Jesus.
So then I asked what she thought that they wore in Heaven. She replied "pink with lots of sparkles!" :)

At the store I let Shiloh look at cake mixes so she could tell me what type of cake she wanted for her birthday. I still wasn't sure if I wanted to make a cake or buy one at that point.
Then Shiloh picked out a strawberry cake mix, so I guess I am baking a cake then.
I'm a little sad I must admit, that she chose strawberry over chocolate.
"But you want a nice rich chocolate frosting on it, right Shi?" I coaxed.
Nooo, she wants pink frosting...on a pink cake...with a heart on it.
"but...but...but princesses eat chocolate!"
No dice Mom.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sesame Street on the brain

The girls have some Sesame Street movies that they absolutely love...and I love the old Sesame Street episodes as well.
They have had so many famous singers on that show, but today I realized that with a lot of the songs I only know the Sesame Street version and have no clue what the original words are any more.

The girls think it's awesome that their Mom is singing "Elmo has four ducks" or "1-2-3-4 Monsters walking across the floor" while I'm washing dishes.

But the song that I've found myself singing all day. You know, my day running errands in public. Well, I've found myself singing this particular Cookie Monster song...with my two backup singers chiming in the background.
Vivi does this head banging thing to the tune also....
It's awesome groovy!
And wow, those long lines at the bank and grocery store just suddenly cleared out in front of us! Never got through a store so uninterrupted before! ;-)

They probably were thinking I really did lose my cookies or maybe it was my googly Cookie Monster eyes? lol

She flits, she floats, she..thunk!

The past week was awful and actually I lost track of time and didn't even really realized when we had moved on to the next week.
The funeral was a moving tribute to a very much loved baby girl, and it was all done so lovingly...

I had to run to the bank this morning. Vivian has been very clingy (I almost wrote Klingon!) this past week, and she started grabbing her shoes to come with me so I took her along.
I rarely take just Vivian by herself anywhere, but it was nice and she was so good.
She brought her pink monkey and a rubber snake (yes, rubber snake) into the bank with us and stood right next to me the whole time.
She was actually easier than Shiloh who is so chatty and spins and prances so that I have make sure she doesn't twirl into anyone.

Later I had to take the girls to Aldi's because Shiloh was almost out of milk.
Shiloh was helping me push the cart and she always does these random hops, skips, and spins. Well, she suddenly does this hop and clunks her head on the handlebar of the cart.
Thankfully she didn't hurt herself...but that is certainly not the first time she has done that, or even the second time.

When we got home I started washing the girls hands. I finished washing Vivian's hands and called Shiloh and she comes bounding into the kitchen with these huge hopping skips and clunks her head against the counter of our island so hard that she fell down flat!
I pulled out the "Disney Princess" ice pack that I had and held that to her temple while she sobbed "i love you Mom".
After I got her calmed down, I tried to get her to follow my finger with her eyes to make sure she was okay.
She looked at me mystified then...followed my finger. Not with her eyes, not even just her she literally was following it. lol

Now a few hours later and there is no noticable bump and Shi is playing and coloring fine.

Then Shiloh called me because she lost her pumpkin.
Me: "you lost what?"
Shiloh: "i lost my pumpkin! my little pumpkin! where is it?"
Me: "the pumpkin you picked this morning? why were you carrying it around?"
I look at the dish where the pumpkin is supposed to be sitting, and note its absence.
Me: "where did you have it?"
Shiloh: "we were watching cartoons and now it's gone! help me find it!"
Me: "start looking for it, check the couch, and I'll come help you in a minute."
Shiloh: "okay"
A few minutes later...
Shiloh: "Mom i found it! i found my little pumpkin!"
Me: "where was it?"
Shiloh: "it was in my dollhouse! he was playing in my dollhouse!"

Move over Barbie, this is pumpkin's dream house.
You never know where those pumpkins are going to turn up, mischievious fruit that they are. ;-)
Yes, fruit. I looked it up.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Princess in passing...

My sweet niece was stillborn yesterday.
A Princess in passing...
She had her Daddy's dimpled eyes, how sweet is that.
So loved, so anticipated, so missed. :(

I let the girls wear their Princess dresses today. All day.
How could I say no?
(Well, I did make them take them off when they wanted to eat lime jello...but otherwise)
They wore crowns and flowered headbands.
Shi carried her bouquet (flowers from the Dollar Store) around...and twirled.
Vivi carried around a dinosaur.
To each Princess her own.
I had to hold her layered skirts of tulle up and out of the way so that Princess Shiloh could potty.
Yes, I was lady-in-waiting today.

But being a Princess is exhausting in its own right...