Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adventures in Gardening

Vivi had an awful night, even with Motrin she slept restlessly and complained that her teeth hurt. :(
She's supposed to be getting four more molars anytime now, and when I was feeling for them she was able to tell me that one place hurt so that might be the molar coming down.
Then she only took an hour-long nap this afternoon and woke up crabby and clingy.

I thought taking the girls outside in the sunshine and with their little gardening bags to pick tomatoes would cheer her up.
She was happy with that...for a little bit.
I had to climb inside our huge tomato bush-thing to pick out the tomatoes deep inside and I laid them on the path so the girls could place them in their bags.
Worked well...until Vivi accidentally stepped on a few tomatoes.
Then she cried.

Then Vivi tripped in the rows and got her hands dirty...and cried.
We picked all the ripe tomatoes and went inside. I pull out a bowl and have the girls transfer the tomatoes from their gardening bags into the bowl.
Vivi dropped some tomatoes out of her bag...and cried.
She almost stepped on one of the tomatoes she dropped, but thankfully didn't!

I was busy peeling tomatoes to freeze and Vivian came over and gave me something small and dark that she was holding in her hand.
I thought it was the little stem off one of the tomatoes.
It was a live (and quite active, I might add!) black slug that she so casually placed in my unsuspecting hand.
Then I cried! :-P

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