Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Corn dog shopping

The girls and I had some shopping to do today at Wal-Mart and Target both.
Wal-Mart has the best deal for baby wipes...but Target has the better price for diapers.
Wal-Mart is cheaper for laundry detergent and fabric softener...but Target had cheaper batteries.
Such a balancing act between the two stores, usually I'd just pay a few cents more to get all my shopping done at one place but today my list was pretty evenly divided between the two stores and the savings were significant enough to make the two stops worth it.

I also picked up some corn dogs. I haven't had one since I was a kid at home, I think.
Shiloh and I have been talking about them, they were mentioned on a show and when I explained what they were she was all excited and wanted to try them.
Then I found a coupon in the newspaper...and today I found them!
Not the healthiest food in the world, with all the fat and calories but occasionally it's nice to indulge in some tasty, tasty fat and calories!  :)
The girls liked them until they reached the stick inside, then they both wouldn't eat any more until I pulled the corn dogs off the sticks and handed them each a fork.

I wore the kids out pretty good with our shopping spree.
Well, you're always at the farthest point from the bathrooms when someone has to use them and I have to dig my diaper bag out of the cart and all three of us have to make the trek.
It also takes a long time for three noses....make that three female noses to decide which detergent and fabric softener smell the best!
Not to mention the time it takes for Shiloh to select which two pairs of socks she wants...or the time wasted when dirty creepy guy tried to sing "ABC's" to the girls.
(turns out creepy guy is a cart pusher...lovely, so we can see him each time we go to the store. awesome.)

Vivian's only nap was falling asleep in the truck on the way home from shopping...and even Shiloh started to fall asleep while eating her dinner.
Actually I'm hoping they're both tired enough to sleep well tonight.
Vivian was up a lot last night and even Shiloh slept really restlessly so I would really love it if they slept good tonight!

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