Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feed a cold...

Shiloh's cold is making the rounds now. :(
Shi only had really one bad day, then just a bit of a lingering cough after that.
The cold has hit Vivian pretty hard though. She has an awful cough and congested breathing and a runny nose and it's lasting much longer for her.
We've got a Vicks vaporizer running for her, but I had to stop it for a bit tonight since the steam was making her too sweaty.
I'm starting to feel rather blah and achy but I'm hoping since Shiloh was able to get over this cold so quickly that it will be mild for an adult.

I made us all some lame-o chicken soup. It was lame because I didn't have a whole lot of the ingredients that I wanted (and I wasn't about to drag sick children to the grocery store in the rain storm)...but it tasted good and hopefully it had some helpful benefits. I did make some really good biscuits to go with the soup though, so hopefully that counteracted the weakness of the soup. :)

Vivian has been really difficult to feed with her cold because she is so congested, and can't breathe and eat at the same time. She takes a few bites, then she's tired and done.
It took her most of the morning to eat a piece of toast, coming and going.
So I made some chocolate cookies this afternoon and added mint chips, they are yummy and the mint actually helps clear your stuffy head a little!
They are a yummy comforting snack for when you have a cold, I'll have to note that on the recipe! ;)

The spider has still been hanging out in our window. This morning she was spinning a new web and it was so fascinating to watch her so closely.
The girls were so interested in watching her that they even ignored that fact that their favorite cartoon was on the television at the same time!

Today Shiloh was playing with a baby doll. Very unusual for her, she prefers stuffed animals. It was funny because Vivian was following Shiloh everywhere carrying around her Elmo doll, and everything that Shiloh said to her baby doll, Vivi would repeat to Elmo.
"Oh, good Elmo. Good Elmo. You k' Elmo? Awwww..." :)

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