Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flying is for the birds...

Vivian's cold finally seems to be improving. Yay!
Her breathing and her coughs were so ragged that it was really starting to concern me, but time and the vaporizer seems to have done the trick. Today she's been much better overall.

The girls have been so whiny and emotional this week. The cold damp weather we've been having doesn't help anyone's mood either.
Vivian seems to be mostly affected by her cold (Shiloh is basically over hers) and the fact that on top of the cold, she definitely has a molar bothering her. I was feeling for her molars the other day and when I touched one spot, she started crying. :(

Shiloh is probably feeling a little cooped up since I haven't wanted to take them out with Vivian so sick. But I think the underlying tensions of the household as we prepare for our impending trip is bothering her as well.
DH's father's one year "death anniversary" is coming up here in October. That is their wording, or rather Wikipedia's wording, instead of a memorial like we would say here.
 Apparently it is an important occasion in Chinese culture in which it is proper for us to be in attendance.

Shiloh has been really great about picking out what toys or movies she wants to bring, and assuring me she'll share with Vivian.
She's also been good about letting me try various outfits on her. It's been so hard to choose outfits for the flights that will go from a rainy 50-ish degrees to muggy high 80's...and don't have any metal on them to trigger the metal detectors at the airport...and aren't a jacket so that they'll have to removed when we go through security...and has shoes/sandals that can be removed relatively quickly (as I have to remove three (myself & the girls) pairs of shoes/jackets etc. to go through airport security)...and that go with dark socks because the thought of walking barefoot or seeing the bottoms of white socks after they walk on an airport floor totally grosses me out!
Needless to say, it is not an outfit (or three!) that just pops out of the closet at you and I've had to redo them several times.
Hmm, maybe she's picking up on my stress...Noo, who's stressed? ;-)

It's not like I'm arguing with my husband because he insists on wearing a belt on the plane. I'm not telling him that I don't care if his pants fall down...because I remember being stuck trying to put my shoes back on, and put shoes on both of the girls, and put Shiloh's backpack back on her, and catch our laptop and carry-on bags before they fell off the conveyor belt, and keep the girls close by while I watch people already boarding our plane...

Meanwhile he was being patted down by security because his belt kept triggering the alarm....and he looks suspicious.

Now that might stress me out...yeah.


Heather said...

He does look so suspicious. I've always thought that about him... I saw him and I was like, hmmm... that guy is suspicious.. and a belt wearer = trouble.

MoppetMama said...

Lol, you should be an airport screener!
They always pick on the sweaty belt-wearing Asian dudes who keep checking their pockets and setting off the alarms...