Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Shiloh!

Today is my sweet Shiloh's 4th birthday!
She was so incredibly excited for her birthday. :)
Yesterday I made her birthday cake with her directions. A pink cake (strawberry) with pink icing and a blue heart on it. I also sprinkled pink sugar over top for sparkle!
Since she is still nervous about presents after that Christmas Doll incident (it really was traumatizing!), I had her help me wrap her gifts for her birthday yesterday  so she would know that nothing was scary in the packages.

It did help a lot, she would repeat to herself what the present was "that's my Candyland in there. i know it's my Candyland" and then she would help her Daddy tear off the paper.
At the end she even opened some gifts that she didn't know what was inside (DH and I did a pre-screening of the presents though to be sure nothing would scare her).

The girls also picked out Princess dresses to wear today, and one of the gifts for both of them today were pink princess/dress shoes to complete their ensembles!

In the afternoon I needed to go out to vote.
Both girls changed out of their dresses first, which I appreciated. For although they would've looked adorable, it would be hard to keep the dresses clean and off the ground.
One of the ladies at the voting table asked the girls' ages and I told them that it was Shiloh's birthday. So all the ladies wished her a happy birthday and she beamed! (and twirled...of course).
They gave both of the girls "I voted today" stickers too, which was sweet.
I also got to meet the Pastor's wife and talk with one of the older ladies of our church, which was really nice.
They also wished Shiloh a happy birthday, and she beamed and twirled. ;)

Then we came home and the girls rode their bikes, and picked tomatoes and pumpkins and helped me prune our lilac bush.
Shiloh made a phone call to her Grama on her play phone, though of course I only heard one side of the conversation.
"Hi Grama! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! I love you!"
Then she laughed hysterically for about 15 seconds at something funny "Grama" said...
"Okay, I love you! Bye!"

I was having a mental block morning, it was so bad I couldn't even complain about it properly. "Ugh, I'm so flighty this morning! I can't even....I can't even....I can't even put two brain thoughts together!"
Yep, brain thoughts. I've been lacking a lot of those lately.

I've got to go pull out the Mommy sewing kit now.
I need to repair a stuffed bottle, re-seam a unicorn, and reattach a ribbon and flower to Shiloh's princess costume. :)

Thankfully the work doesn't take too many brain thoughts! lol ;-D

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