Friday, September 24, 2010

I don't think her name is Charlotte

We noticed yesterday that Vivian says "Shiloh" and "Yellow" almost exactly the same. Which is funny and sometimes she also misunderstands when you tell her something is yellow, she'll point at Shiloh. Vivian (pointing at Shi): "dee yeh-yo!" (translation: there's Shiloh)
Shiloh: "I'm not yellow! I'm skin! I'm not yellow, Vivi!
Vivian (still pointing): "dee yeh-yo!"
Shiloh:"No Vivi! I'm skin! look! I'm not yellow! I'm skin!"
Vivian (leaning toward Shiloh to make a point): "yeh-yo!"
Shiloh: "no yellow! Skin!"
Oh, it was too funny! They were both so confused!

Last night Shi was coughing (or as she calls it, choking) most of the night. She still managed to sleep pretty well but this morning she had come down with a full-blown cold.
Watery eyes, runny nose, and a cough.
She might also be running a low-grade fever, but it's hard to tell since today's temps are in the 80's but despite that, she's been resting on the couch under a blanket watching videos which probably alone makes her temps a little high.
Fortunately the cough syrup takes care of the cough almost completely, you can tell right when it wears off though because she is coughing full-time then.
All day long she's asked for chocolate-chip pancakes and I finally got a chance to make them around dinnertime.
She had two pancakes which is pretty good for a person with a stuffed up nose, but that's certainly not her normal amount of pancakes. She loves chocolate-chip pancakes!

I spotted this spider outside our window today...our Halloween decoration.

From what I can find online, it is an Orb-weaver spider, more specifically a Female Orb-weaver spider because of her size. Aren't you glad you read such an informative blog? lol.
I watched it kill a wasp and a beetle today and whoa! does this thing move fast! (shudder!)
It also seems to be rather aggressive, when you tap on the window it lifts its front legs in an attack pose!
Been rather fascinating though, the girls were quite interested in watching it wrap up the beetle in a silk cocoon though neither of them wanted to get too close to window and the spider definitely made Vivi nervous.
She keeps running to look at the window and says "eww, gohss" (gross). lol

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