Friday, September 10, 2010

I need some chocolate

Yesterday I had another dentist appt.
I've now switched from Dr. "ooh-that-make-you-gag-a-little" to a different dentist, the clincher to making that switch was the last appt. I had there.
So now I am going to the Dentist that I took Shiloh to see. They are really nice and have new equipment that isn't duct-taped (always a plus!) and they keep all your information and charts of your teeth right on their computers so they definitely don't lose your files. yay!
Yesterday they removed the one silver filling that I had and replaced it with a nice tooth colored filling. The dentist said that the old filling was starting to deteriorate and needed to be replaced. Thinking back, that filling was approximately 20 years old so yes, it probably was time!
My appt. was at 9am and I was leaving their office by 9:45! Awesome!

Vivian has been stuck to me like velcro lately so it was a bit tricky getting out the door without her grabbing her shoes to come along, but her Daddy said she was fine while I was gone so that was a relief.

Then yesterday afternoon, Vivian tripped over Shiloh and banged her chin on an open drawer in the kitchen. She didn't cut her chin, though she has a pink mark that is pretty much in the same place as Shiloh's scar. She did bite her tongue but she is just so much more calmer than Shi...needs less comforting before she can tell you what hurts.
She cried for a second or two and then she was able to answer my questions and stuck out her tongue so I could check it.
She was so thrilled that I was giving her a popsicle before dinner (to help her tongue stop bleeding) that she basically forgot she was injured after that. :)

I think maybe we've been cooped inside too much lately or something, because the girls keep banging into things!...And with Vivi waking during the night fussing and then she's up at 6am...well, these days Mama is not quite quick enough on her feet!

DH put away the AC yesterday as well. We've kept the fans out in case we still have some warmer days but I've noticed a lot of people are decorating for fall already.
I don't quite feel there yet.
I had to pull out some different curtains for the window that had the AC in it, now that it's removed.
When I was in the closet getting the curtains, I noticed the "birthday" presents for Arianna that I had stored there. I pulled them out and was looking at them when Shiloh came up next to me and asked what I was looking at.
I told her and she said "Mom, i feel sad. i do. my heart is sad and i don't know why."
I could only explain that we all feel sad and we're missing Baby Arianna. I try to keep it simple and she doesn't want to talk about it much but a couple times she's been excited when she hears Arianna's name on the TV or sees something for baby girls and then you can see that she suddenly remembers and her face falls. :(
I saw this quote and I find it so true.
"There is no footprint so small that it does not leave an imprint in this world."

*ETA- I spoke to Shiloh about the reason that Arianna doesn't need these clothes in the gift, because she is in Heaven with Jesus.
So then I asked what she thought that they wore in Heaven. She replied "pink with lots of sparkles!" :)

At the store I let Shiloh look at cake mixes so she could tell me what type of cake she wanted for her birthday. I still wasn't sure if I wanted to make a cake or buy one at that point.
Then Shiloh picked out a strawberry cake mix, so I guess I am baking a cake then.
I'm a little sad I must admit, that she chose strawberry over chocolate.
"But you want a nice rich chocolate frosting on it, right Shi?" I coaxed.
Nooo, she wants pink frosting...on a pink cake...with a heart on it.
"but...but...but princesses eat chocolate!"
No dice Mom.

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