Sunday, September 12, 2010

My 9/11 post...

I meant to start this last night so at least it would be dated correctly (9/11 instead of 9/12) but that didn't work out so well...obviously. ;)

The big question that seems to be appearing on everywhere for today is "Where were you on that fateful day?"
My story is not that exciting but regardless, I doubt anyone has forgotten where they were.

Nine years ago, (doesn't seem like that long ago though) I was getting ready for work,  and that was when I worked at the veterinary clinic.
I liked to turn on the TV while I was putting my makeup on and finding my shoes etc.
I turned it on and all the news coverage was of this (one) plane that had hit the World Trade Center.
The news media was busy speculating whether it a plane malfunction or terrorist attack or any other theories that they could spin out.
Then as I watched, the second tower was hit. :(

When I went into work they had brought a radio in and kept that on through most of the day.
A small plane flew over later that afternoon and everyone in the clinic ran to the windows nervously, both staff and clients because the news said that all planes were grounded.
I'm pretty sure it was just a crop duster or something, it was small.

My husband...well, future husband at that point was already in the US, and was visiting his uncle, also in the US.
They woke him up to tell him the news, and yes I tease him about the fact that I was getting ready for work and he was still in bed! ;)
He was supposed to take a train back home that day but when he got to the train station it was just pure chaos. They didn't have screening protocols at that point and were just on the spot suddenly having to check everyone and everything and it was a backlogged mess. Plus later, I believe, they stopped all train runs completely.
So he spent an extra day or two at his uncle's place until he could get a ride home via alternate transportation.

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