Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Princess in passing...

My sweet niece was stillborn yesterday.
A Princess in passing...
She had her Daddy's dimpled eyes, how sweet is that.
So loved, so anticipated, so missed. :(

I let the girls wear their Princess dresses today. All day.
How could I say no?
(Well, I did make them take them off when they wanted to eat lime jello...but otherwise)
They wore crowns and flowered headbands.
Shi carried her bouquet (flowers from the Dollar Store) around...and twirled.
Vivi carried around a dinosaur.
To each Princess her own.
I had to hold her layered skirts of tulle up and out of the way so that Princess Shiloh could potty.
Yes, I was lady-in-waiting today.

But being a Princess is exhausting in its own right...


Heather said...

Love it. Princess Vivi and her dinosaur. :)

MoppetMama said...

No dragons to guard her castle, she wants a T-Rex! :)