Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sesame Street on the brain

The girls have some Sesame Street movies that they absolutely love...and I love the old Sesame Street episodes as well.
They have had so many famous singers on that show, but today I realized that with a lot of the songs I only know the Sesame Street version and have no clue what the original words are any more.

The girls think it's awesome that their Mom is singing "Elmo has four ducks" or "1-2-3-4 Monsters walking across the floor" while I'm washing dishes.

But the song that I've found myself singing all day. You know, my day running errands in public. Well, I've found myself singing this particular Cookie Monster song...with my two backup singers chiming in the background.
Vivi does this head banging thing to the tune also....
It's awesome groovy!
And wow, those long lines at the bank and grocery store just suddenly cleared out in front of us! Never got through a store so uninterrupted before! ;-)

They probably were thinking I really did lose my cookies or maybe it was my googly Cookie Monster eyes? lol

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Littleautumnprincess said...

HA HA HA that vidio is so funny aunt teri. Love Autumn