Tuesday, September 07, 2010

She flits, she floats, she..thunk!

The past week was awful and actually I lost track of time and didn't even really realized when we had moved on to the next week.
The funeral was a moving tribute to a very much loved baby girl, and it was all done so lovingly...

I had to run to the bank this morning. Vivian has been very clingy (I almost wrote Klingon!) this past week, and she started grabbing her shoes to come with me so I took her along.
I rarely take just Vivian by herself anywhere, but it was nice and she was so good.
She brought her pink monkey and a rubber snake (yes, rubber snake) into the bank with us and stood right next to me the whole time.
She was actually easier than Shiloh who is so chatty and spins and prances so that I have make sure she doesn't twirl into anyone.

Later I had to take the girls to Aldi's because Shiloh was almost out of milk.
Shiloh was helping me push the cart and she always does these random hops, skips, and spins. Well, she suddenly does this hop and clunks her head on the handlebar of the cart.
Thankfully she didn't hurt herself...but that is certainly not the first time she has done that, or even the second time.

When we got home I started washing the girls hands. I finished washing Vivian's hands and called Shiloh and she comes bounding into the kitchen with these huge hopping skips and clunks her head against the counter of our island so hard that she fell down flat!
I pulled out the "Disney Princess" ice pack that I had and held that to her temple while she sobbed "i love you Mom".
After I got her calmed down, I tried to get her to follow my finger with her eyes to make sure she was okay.
She looked at me mystified then...followed my finger. Not with her eyes, not even just her head...no she literally was following it. lol

Now a few hours later and there is no noticable bump and Shi is playing and coloring fine.

Then Shiloh called me because she lost her pumpkin.
Me: "you lost what?"
Shiloh: "i lost my pumpkin! my little pumpkin! where is it?"
Me: "the pumpkin you picked this morning? why were you carrying it around?"
I look at the dish where the pumpkin is supposed to be sitting, and note its absence.
Me: "where did you have it?"
Shiloh: "we were watching cartoons and now it's gone! help me find it!"
Me: "start looking for it, check the couch, and I'll come help you in a minute."
Shiloh: "okay"
A few minutes later...
Shiloh: "Mom i found it! i found my little pumpkin!"
Me: "where was it?"
Shiloh: "it was in my dollhouse! he was playing in my dollhouse!"

Move over Barbie, this is pumpkin's dream house.
You never know where those pumpkins are going to turn up, mischievious fruit that they are. ;-)
Yes, fruit. I looked it up.

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