Sunday, October 24, 2010

At least the puppet is potty-trained...

...that is always good to know. :)

Singapore has been shrouded in haze this week. Thankfully now that the weekend and rain are here, the haze should be lifting.
The haze was from Indonesia, where farmers burn down entire forests so they can then plant on the land. The smoke from these forest fires just covers Malaysia and Singapore and is not an easily resolved situation as it is international.
I think it was Thursday morning that Shiloh woke up with a scratchy throat and a runny nose, then a nagging dry cough. Yesterday Vivian started with a runny nose but today (and with rain today) they both seem much better.
Shiloh's cough is lingering but she's not coughing nearly as much.
I think most everyone has had a bit of sore/scratchy throat these past couple days too.

We went to a Daiso Japanese store the other day, everything (or most everything) is $2 in the store. I picked up some children's food picks(like a fancy toothpick) they had there for bento boxes.
I've been interested in kyaraben lately as it does seem like a great way to get children to eat foods that they would not normally try and I just know how excited Shiloh gets if I simply arrange her pancakes in a Mickey Mouse shape! :)
So if I can get her to eat more fruit etc. with a cute little animal-shaped pick, then that would be awesome...if not, they will look adorable decorating some cupcakes or peeking from a plant. Whatever, they are cute!
I would take a pic, but I think DH has packed them already.

Yesterday we went to a larger mall. The girls weren't feeling great so they weren't really into it (ie: there was a moment where they were both crying because they both wanted their Mama and only their Mama to carry them)
But we found an "Elmo" puppet for Vivi...and with a funny voice, he soon cheered Vivian up and she carried him around the mall.
Vivian loves to walk on the escalators and travelators and elevators and whatever other "ators" there might be around... ;-)
Then when she came into the restroom with me, she made me hold the Elmo puppet...because Elmo had to potty. ahem.
I'm just hoping maybe Elmo will help Vivian to use the potty when we get back home! :)

We've been getting the girls some apple juice when we go to the food courts here. The apple juice that they serve is foamy and yellow, and tastes like an in between of cider and does taste good and the girls like it. (probably especially since I don't give them juice at home!) lol.

I'm happy today that I found Shiloh's tiny Carebear. She was given this tiny bear and then we left in our room here when we went  to the Chalet and when we got back, we couldn't find it anywhere!
I've tore the room apart a few times because she kept asking for it. I've been looking for it since Tuesday evening and finally found it today, Sunday morning!
It had just been picked up and tucked in a corner with a pile of stuff around it so I'm just glad I even thought to look there for it.
We wrote Shiloh's name on the tag now, so hopefully it doesn't get put somewhere again.

Man, so much stuff to keep track of with little kids. :)

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