Tuesday, October 05, 2010

But then it lived!

Late night phone call from techy support guy...and he apparently was able to revive our dead laptop.
Some type of clash of programs it seems that froze up everything, which is weird since we haven't put in any new software/downloads at all. I didn't even shut it down the other night...
But whatever, I'm happy and relieved!

He's supposed to drop it off sometime today, he trying to get it cleaned up and set so it doesn't crash systems again.

I'm typing this from the new laptop. It's an adjustment. The mouse seems a bit slower we need to find the right mouse pad for it and that might make a difference.
Also most every time I try to push the "A" button...I hit CAPS lock. argh!
We might still take this one on our trip though, it is lighter, less expensive, and carries less precious data than my other laptop so much better for traveling...in my opinion.

It's quite chilly and dreary today, we needed to run the heater a bit today and yesterday. Yesterday I was trying to dry the last load of clothes more quickly...I really didn't want to come home to laundry hanging up. :)
The little heater worked great though, so I was able to get everything dried and put away.

The girls are walking around this morning with baby links draped over their ears and calling them their earrings. :)

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