Wednesday, October 20, 2010


On Sunday afternoon we went to stay at a Chalet for a few days.
Our first night there, Vivi slept so good! It was really great. :)

Then we took the girls, along with their 3 year old cousin to a children's play place. We took them last year as well. The girls liked the ball pit, even though they had just finished washing the balls so the girls' socks were quite soaked when they came out of the pit.
They have a big play area for climbing and sliding etc.
 I was so not thrilled with other rude kids, and I stopped one tall gangly girl who was about 10yrs old? I sternly told her "NO PUSHING!" when she was shoving past Vivi and Shiloh, then I made the girl wait while Shi and Vivi climbed ahead.
It was just unacceptable for a girl that age to be shoving children less than half her size! DH was ahead of me otherwise I would have made him translate as well...though I'm sure she got the message. ;-)

 DH and I each took one of our girls down this big tube slide they had there. I took Vivian because I wasn't sure I could keep Shiloh tucked in well enough that she didn't bang into the sides. Oh man, glad I did! I banged my knee in a couple places and scraped my elbow on whatever bolty fastener that use to hold the tube together.
Ouch! My knee is still rather gross today. Shi was so sweet though, she offered me her "Disney Princess" bandaids for it. :)
At least those type bandaids might pretty up my legs, they're looking rough!

They had a barbecue at the Chalet the next night and that was nice. The girls didn't eat much and then they were ready for bed, but everyone saved some barbecue for me and grilled it up after I got both girls to sleep so that was nice.
Vivian has been soo extremely clingy to me here that it even just relaxing to eat a meal without her on my lap.
I had already gotten bitten by mosquitoes a few times in our time here so I used mosquito patches and sprayed my legs with bug spray and they even lit mosquito coils....despite all that I still was bitten a few times during the barbecue!
Those are determined bugs...or I am just very tasty!

The next day on our way back to my Mother-in-Law's house, we stopped at a kids "Petting zoo". Shiloh went fishing for goldfish with a little net and bucket and they only let one parent in the fishing area with the child so DH went with Shi...and they both fell in!
It was very shallow though, (as it is meant for kids fishing and I'm sure they're not the first to fall in) so they only got their feet wet. Shiloh told me later "I tried Mom, but the fish kept running away from me!" lol, the frustration of fishing!

Vivian and I watched a mother hen and her two chicks and then we went on to the koi fish feeding area.
The koi are just waiting and they swarm toward you if you walk anywhere near the pond!
It was crazy. Vivi was funny, she'd pick out one little food pellet then choose which fish to feed and ping it right at its head!
Needless to say, feeding the fish took a long time. I was brave enough to even feed them from my hand...slimy.
The koi also soaked us quite good with all their splashing and fighting over the prime spots and food pellets.
I hopped me and the girls into the shower right away after all that. :)

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