Monday, October 04, 2010

The day the laptop died...

Writing this post from my old desktop computer as my laptop died sometime this morning. :(
I was up late on the laptop last night too, but then this morning when I turned it on the screen remained black.
We took it to our techy support guy (aka: DH's uncle) but the hard drive has died.
It stinks because we lost pictures, videos, and my (long, long, long) lists of websites that I like to frequent or keep the link to...including my own blog!

Thankfully, I was able to run out a get a simple laptop so once the battery is charged hopefully I can get that up and running and still have my Internet communication while I am away. Shiloh is already vying for the new laptop, she wants to do her letter games on it. :)

I had to change up some of our traveling outfits as the forecast is even colder and wetter now for our trip. I wanted the girls to at least have hoods if they're going to be in the rain at all.

Then I called the airline and set up the special meals for the girls (That took about a century of waiting and listening to glitchy tinny music). A child's meal for Shiloh and unfortunately they don't do a lactose-free child's meal, just one or the other, so I opted for the Lactose-Free meal for her.
I have found when eating out at restaurants that a majority of children's meals are covered in cheese or served with milk so I think this is the better option.
I'm bringing some Lactaid chewables for her too, but I don't know if they help her or not yet.
Twice when I've given them to her before something dairy, she's then decided that she didn't want to eat much of what was offered.

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