Friday, October 15, 2010

Fast Food and malls

When you are 2, 3, and can make your own Playground.
This is Shiloh and Vivian, along with their cousin Yaya playing on some exercise equipment outside of my Mother-in-Law's building complex. They turned the steps into little swings.
At a mall the other day, Shiloh and Yaya did "rubber painting" at a little shop in the mall.
You pick out this rubber outline, they were between $5-$8 so not too bad. They give you a bunch of paints and you sit at a little kiddie table with stools around it. When you're finished painting, they bake it or something and then it is a bit sticky and will adhere to a mirror or window.
Shiloh did a butterfly, which is very cute but it's wrapped in plastic and waiting until we get home so this picture is of the ones that Yaya has already done and has displayed in her room.

This is one of our favorite stores at the malls. "Four Leaves" bakes fresh croissants, donuts, brownies, and various chinese buns. They are really delicious and Shiloh loves to pick out what she'd like from their shelves.

This is another picture of another part of this particular Mall.  Note the Subway in the background, lol. But the prices are more expensive for most American restaurants here than at home...probably because here that food is all imported from the U.S. :)
No five dollar foot-long Subs here.
No ten dollar pizzas from Pizzahut...would you like curry rice with that instead? (yes, available at Pizzahut!)
Maybe some hot sauce for your french fries and hamburger?
Would you like your bag of coffee for here or to go?

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