Friday, October 29, 2010

It's not me...well maybe

Vivian, when referring to my mother-in-law, has started saying "Gri-mom-mom".
This is her combo of "Grandma" and the Chinese word for Grandma which is similar to "Mama" and always confuses my girls.

Shiloh was asking me for something the other day so I said "What's the magic word?" meaning "please".
Shi thought for a moment then said "um...chicken?"
LOL! Now DH is saying "chicken" for "please" too. :)

My mother-in-law cuts up papaya for everyone on an almost daily basis. My girls have been rather disappointed though because when she says "papaya" they keep hearing "apple pie"...and there is quite a difference! At least Vivi will still eat the papaya..Shi on the other hand has her heart set on apple pie!
She asked me the other day if I could make apple pie, every single day when we are back home.
 I couldn't figure out why she kept asking me for apple pie until I heard Vivian getting excited and saying "apple pie! apple pie!" when she was offered papaya. Ah ha!
Poor confused kiddos!

I commented to DH that the girls still keep getting looks when we are out. I thought being in an Asian country they would blend in more...
Then he pointed out that it might be me that they are looking at.
Ahh, I sorta forgot that my blue eyes and pale freckled skin might make a stir here! Especially when Vivian is glued to my neck, kinda draws stares when someone has a child choke-holding their neck...makes them wonder how I can breathe. yep.
Though I was also right about the girls drawing looks because DH took Shi into a store while I waited outside wearing Vivian tighter than a boa around my neck (and I mean constrictor).
The saleslady there noticed Shi and asked DH right away if Shiloh's mother was not Chinese, so he pointed out me and Vivian...which then drew attention to us as well...which then made Vivi grip me even tighter and then I was the purple (ie:non-breathing) lady drawing attention. lol.

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