Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My girls

Shiloh made this horrible knotty mess of my camera strap and the strap from the camera case. I was trying to get it untied and she said "but Mama, I knitted that for you!" ;-)

After listening to her Daddy and Grandmother chatting back and forth to each other in Mandarin, she said some gibberish sounds and said "Did you hear me, Mom? I speakin' Chinese!" lol

Then today she was going on and on about some dream she had, and it was really confusing and I told her "You are a different child there, Shiloh".
She thought about that seriously for a moment, then said "I not a boy, Mom. I a girl!"

Vivian has been super clingy to me. She was in a clingy stage before we left the U.S...but now she won't even go to her Daddy, she's just glued to me.
Last year we had a difficult time dealing with her budding independence and trying to teach her to hold hands while we walked anywhere was a struggle, so I guess I really can't complain too much if this time I can't take two steps without her grabbing for my hand in a panic!

She was quite excited to see all the cars and trees and buildings on our drive today. Shiloh keeps saying all the trees are coconut trees because we're in a jungle...and Vivi just interjects "me too! me too!" constantly to every comment that Shi makes. ;-)

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