Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh bell boy!

It actually hasn't rained all that much while we've been here. Brief sprinkles here and there, and sadly the rainstorms really don't cool off the temps for very long.
The other day though they had a brief storm but wow, it was like looking out the window and seeing images of the hurricanes hitting Florida or something!
The trees bending in the wind, the wind whipping (but still not really cool), and such a heavy downpour! Lots of thunder too, the picture doesn't really do it justice, but these windows normally can be left open all the time if you wanted...but they had to be shut as the rain started pouring in.
The other day we went out and saw the Marina Bay Sands Hotel/Casino...pictured below. This is a web image, DH took some pictures but with his camcorder so I'm not sure how those will turn out.
This building is really amazing to look at though, looks like a cruise ship perched on top of three tall buildings. I'm not sure if you can tell very well from this picture but if you research it there are a lot of other images.
BTW: On the taxi ride there, my niece got carsick! We're not doing so good with motion on this trip! I was worried about Vivi on this cab ride even before her cousin started getting sick so I tried to distract her with pointing out things out the window and that seemed to least she didn't get sick. Mental note to make sure I bring a spare plastic bag on our next outing though!
Later that same day...Ugh, it was 7pm and we were just sitting down to eat so I was really anxious how the girls would do especially since they went to bed at 7pm the night before, but thankfully they were really well-behaved. Vivian was so tired though that she barely ate anything and refused to let me put her down for more than a moment. (She fell asleep the moment we got into the taxi to head home).
Anyways we dined at "The Line" in the Shangri-La Hotel.
See the nice white chairs with the cut-out in the back? I didn't know about the cut-out part until the girls water bottle filled with lemonade rolled across the floor and a waiter had to retrieve it for me (since Vivi was in my lap).
Ahem! So refined am I... :)

So this restaurant was a high-end buffet, with different stations where they offered seafood or made you a crepe or ice kachang to order and more. Very nice place.
Any place with a chocolate fountain is aces in my book!
I was excited to try the crepes since I've been wanting to make them at home, but I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth the effort or really how I wanted to serve them or even if the girls were going to be begging me to make pancakes instead. Their crepes were quite delicious so I definitely want to give it a go. :)

When I first saw this guy at the entrance to the hotel, I thought he was a foreign dignitary.
Ahem, he is the door man.
He opens the car door for you when you pull up.
He wears this costume every day in 90 degree humid heat. It made me perspire just watching him!

Vivian has been rather miserable at night and bedtimes. :(
She wakes up just screaming and inconsolable.
I can feel that the gum is swollen on one side of her mouth, and I think that the combo of heat (and heat rash), teething, and being away from home has just pushed her to the brink.
I've been at my wits end, just hoping and praying she adjusts or her teething can hold off until we get home. Those teeth do tend to irritate in spurts so maybe...
Of course I also worry if it's her stomach bothering her with her lactose intolerance and difficulty of reading labels here...or her ears...or maybe it's just her temper.
Ugh with Vivi, it's so hard to figure out!

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