Friday, October 08, 2010


We took a taxi ride to the airport. An awful taxi ride. The backseat smelled like exhaust and the driver was used to city driving so it was just constant jerking from his stepping on the gas, then let off, then step on the gas again. It was he was playing piano with the gas pedal!
I noticed that Vivian's hands were awful blotchy and clammy, then she started tooting gas...which was odd.
Then the vomiting started. This cab ride made the poor child sooo carsick! She'd throw up, fall asleep, wake up, vomit some more...poor baby threw up 5x on the car ride and at least two more times she managed to fight it back enough not to actually get sick.
I put her plastic bib on her, though by that time she had already thrown up all over both of us, but that really helped with the subsequent sickness.
The driver must have had some type of steel headrest because his head didn't explode with the death rays shooting from my eyes.

In the airport restroom I was able to change her pants and socks. Unfortunately I didn't bring a change of clothing for myself, but I thought I could use some restroom paper towels and soap and water and get myself decent.
Not one single paper towel in there!
I ended up wetting some toilet seat protectors and scrubbing at my clothes with that...not very helpful, just made me linty.
Vivian was fine as soon as she was able to exit the cab. She was hungry and thirsty. I was nervous about giving anything but she was fine (I started with just plain Cheerios and water) and she perked right up. :)

It was my and the girls first time driving through NYC. We drove over the Washington bridge (which has been in so many movies) and took a few pictures here and there. Shiloh was so cute! She saw all the tall buildings and thought they were all castles. She said "Wow Mama, who built all these castles? Each one has a Princess!"
Too cute.

The plane rides went pretty smoothly...literally, not much turbulence at all. The flight attendants were very nice and gave me a child belt once so Vivi could sit on my lap during a landing.
When I took Vivi on walks through the plane, one attendant gave me a couple chocolates for her...trying to get her to smile.:)
The meals worked out well for the girls, it was good that Vivian had the low-lactose meal as the children's meal did include milk and cheesecake and even the potatoes tasted a little cheesy. Vivi's dessert was a fruit cup instead which she loved, in fact we gave her all our fruit cups after that...I think she mostly ate fruit, bread, cereal, and a little rice on all the flights.

Then DH bought some makeup for his Mom while on the plane with their airline shopping. We went through security to pick up our connecting flight and they wouldn't let the makeup through, they said the airline had to secure it and put in checked baggage. So DH left me and the girls and our two carry-on bags and went back to take care of the make-up.

Forty minutes later and now about thirty minutes until our flight was to depart and I was just about to take the girls to find the gate by myself because I didn't know how far we'd have to walk or how long it might take tiny legs to get there.
Just then the security guards came over to me and told me that DH had gone through security at a different part of the airport so he couldn't come back to us and we'd need to make our way over to the gate by ourselves.
Fortunately they had an elevator we could take instead of the escalator, and thankfully one of our carry-on bags was a backpack...even though it was quite heavy and seriously threatened to topple me over backwards.
Our other bag was on wheels and both girls wanted to help pull it so that helped me keep them close as we made our slow awkward way through the crowded airport to our gate...where DH was waiting...and we ended up with plenty of time because our plane was delayed.
But we made it, and we're through it now...never a dull moment.

Shiloh basically greeted everyone here with a "Hi, I'm ready to go to the Zoo now." lol


Littleautumnprincess said...

It's good that Vivie is ok. :)

Heather said...

You know you're a mom when.... you're trying to wipe puke off your clothes with a toilet seat cover... oh, you should get a badge! A big huge GREAT MOM badge!