Friday, October 29, 2010

Zoo visit

Yesterday was our trip to the Singapore Zoo. (yes, our third visit to a Zoo this year!)

 We had a lot of fun, though at times it was almost unbearably hot. We watched a Sea lion show, an Elephant show, a Langur monkey feeding (amazing that they were down to only about 100 in the world and the Singapore Zoo has successfully had 22 babies born there!) and also a Giant Arapaima (fish) feeding.
I was a little nervous about the girls falling in with the Arapaima, they have no fence or wall there. This Zoo has a very open arrangement, there are monkeys swinging overhead and a lot of places where you can feed various animals (for a fee).

The sea lion show was amazing, but the girls weren't really into it. They were just too hot!
Hot tropical day and a stadium full of people and it was pretty steamy!
They were so flushed and even though the show was very entertaining, the girls were pretty listless so DH and I were concerned and left the show a little early and made them drink and went to a hand-washing sink and wet their heads and necks etc.
Thankfully after that, the day started to cool off a bit.

These are the White Tigers, very neat to see in real life. :)
The elephant show, one of our favorites. The elephants were Shiloh's favorite part of the Zoo.
Shiloh, myself, DH, and DH's mom also rode an elephant while we were there! It was neat and both DH and I hadn't rode an elephant since we were about Shiloh's age so it was nice to get a chance to do it again.

The elephants with their mahouts.
The only thing that seemed to scare Shiloh was when I took this picture of the lions.
They had a glass (air conditioned) room where you could see the lions very closely through just a pane of glass...that unnerved Shi and she ready to leave about the second she saw the lions and the male was looking right at us too!

I showed Vivian the huge crocodile they had at the zoo, and she said "i wanna eat crocodile. eat crocodile"
Okay Vivi...they tend to frown on that kind of talk at the zoo!
She was also big on waving bye to the monkeys "Bye monkey! Bye!"

After riding on the elephant, Shiloh decided that riding a giraffe would be nice as her next venture. She was quite that they would let ride a giraffe too...until the giraffe walked right next to us and I showed her how hard it would be for us to push her way up high on its back. ;-)

We also saw a snake, and a large red centipede were not an "attraction" at the zoo...just random creatures that happened into the zoo.
Then a lizard ran out in front of me and the girls and we all jumped back so abruptly that people ran into us.
Then we this huge komodo dragon just crawling off into the bushes, and we weren't sure if he was a part of the zoo or just random also.

We put double mosquito patches on all of us, and hooray...we made it through without bites!

I've been carrying Vivian up and down Singapore, and up and down the zoo yesterday.
But I finally (and unfortunately) pinched my sciatic nerve today....while lifting Vivian to the sink so she could wash her hands.


Littleautumnprincess said...

Its been a long time since I saw Elephants at a zoo.

Littleautumnprincess said...

Its been a long time since I saw Elepants at a zoo.