Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday Black Eye

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and lots of good food!

We did not venture out shopping on Black Friday. I told my DH that I would drop him off at a store at a decent time, if the weather cooperated and if he really wanted to go shopping. I really didn't want to push my way through throngs of people or drag my kids around overheated and crowded stores.
But Friday was icy and chilly and DH decided he didn't need anything anyways.

So we stayed home, then later Vivi and Shiloh were dancing around and spinning and being silly and Vivi fell and bumped her head.
Instantly there was a small pinkish purple spot on her temple, so I quickly pulled out our "Disney Princess" ice pack and held it there as much as she would let me.
It didn't look too bad until the next morning when around her eye was swollen and turning these lovely purplish colors.
It's not swollen anymore but it's a black eye, thankfully doesn't bother her any more.
I call her my little "Black-eye Pea"...or "Bruiser".  ;-)
My poor baby.

Thankfully I just took the girls' Christmas pictures about two days before she fell!

The girls have been so much fun.
I think my favorite of the past week was Shiloh pretending she was running from Monsters in her room and Vivian misunderstood her and yelled "Ahh! We running from Monkeys! Ahh!"
Shiloh cracked up almost as hard as I did and then she went along with Vivian, and they both ran from the "monkeys". :)

We have our Christmas village set up. It's cute but not a peaceful village by any means...
Shiloh keeps making her plastic eagle fly over the village.
She likes to divebomb the little people then swoop away at the last minute....that might be because the eagles talons keep getting caught in the "snow" backdrop.
The little people are thankful for the snow. lol

I've been working on getting Shiloh writing her letters and numbers. She's much more into it if I show her a picture in the letter or number.
Like telling her that a "Q" looks like a cat's behind with his little tail...then she's happy to draw lots of "cat behinds". lol
Or that a "B" look like a butterfly with it's two wings. I forget now the little picture or story I have to go with each one, but Shi remembers them better than I do.
She reminded me today that a "9" is a race in a circle with a run to the finish line.
She liked that one! Her runs to the finish line could be a little shorter though. ;-D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is tomorrow so I was explaining to Shiloh what it means to be thankful and asking her what she was thankful for.
Then I started writing them down because I thought it would be a cute list for her baby book...and Vivian chimed in with her own list as well. :)
None of it is prompted by me, I wanted it to be just them and what they thought at the moment.

 "I am thankful for...." by Shiloh age: 4
  • My eagle (plastic eagle toy)
  • My Sister
She noticed I was writing her list down and then after everything that she'd name, she'd say "you can write that one down too, make sure you write that one down." lol
  • My tub (bathtub)
  • My house
  • My Princess Cards (Disney Princess Memory game)
  • My Pets (LPS)
  • Milk
  • My phone
  • Wings - like eagle wings
  • My toys
  • Cookies
  • Pumpkins
  • Stroller - for baby dolls
  • Muffins
  • Kitchen
  • Jumping - I like to Jump!
  • Snowflakes
And Vivian's list (age: 2)
  • Milk
  • Cookies
  • "Dis bush" - translated - Christmas bush (meaning Christmas tree)
  • Kitty cats - and then Shiloh chimed in that she was thankful for kitty cats as well
  • Elmo 2 (her favorite movie)
(She was really enjoying listing things!)
  • Bananas
  • Pizza
  • Snowman

Monday, November 22, 2010

This socks

The girls and I went to Target (or "Tar-git" as Shi calls it) today.
We had a good trip, but man...I'm tired.
I wasn't sure how it was going to go either because Vivi was quite emotional this morning.
Crying for no reason is a big sign of teething with Vivian.

This morning I asked "Who wants pancakes?"
Vivi burst into tears, sobbing "i wan pancakes!" (always a good way to start the morning!)
Shiloh asked for milk.
Vivi starting sobbing "i wan milk too!"
From there on she was crying because her hands were sticky, her baby doll's foot got stuck, she had a crumb on her shirt and basically the world was spinning in the wrong direction.
I poured her a good dose of Motrin and watched the hands on the clock tick by!

Then I rushed to get the girls out the door because the city workers were coming down our street to pick up the leaves and I didn't want them to block me in or have to back out between dump trucks.
I start to get the girls into their carseats and then take a good look at Shiloh.
"Shi...what's going on with your coat? Did you put on Vivian's coat?"
I check the tag and sure enough she had put on Vivi's (18mos size) coat instead of hers.
Their coats match and when I brought them down from the hooks, Shi just grabbed one and put it on and never noticed anything out of the ordinary.
Vivi had opted for a different coat so I didn't look closely at the one that matched Shi's, I just hung it back on the hook.
So I had to run back inside and grab Shiloh's the city workers inched closer and closer to our driveway!

Anyways, we finally made it to Target. The girls sat in the basket of the cart, cushioned by our winter coats (in proper sizes), snacking on Cheez-it Mix and sipping lemon water.
It wouldn't be until later, as I shook out my coat that I would discover that Shiloh's little plastic baggie of Cheez-its had a hole in it...yep.

The "Pre-Black Friday" sales were pretty good. We really don't care much for shopping after Black Friday because most things tend to look trampled-on or half-opened after that date.
They had a lot of "buy four for this many dollars" or "buy eight for this many dollars" but the best savings is to use those sales but just buy the amount you need.
I have a hard time remembering that though, its like automatic when you see the sign to pick up the amount it says!
I'd end up choosing four things like the sign suggested and then remember that I don't *need* to buy four to get the sale price!
Tricky, tricky sales tactics!

The store was busier than a normal weekday with the holiday approaching, but it was nice to see that really everyone we came in contact with had a smile and a patient demeanor.
Pushing my cart and sheep-dogging two small little girls (when they weren't sitting in the cart) means we're not through the aisle the fastest by any means!

I'm quite certain that the candy aisles were the girls' favorites. I needed to pick up some chocolates...for baking and eating and just plain loving. :)
They helped select the bags and carried them proudly for a little while.

Shiloh needed some new socks and they had a good sale going today.
Shopping for socks for children is so not easy though! Shopping for baby socks is simple, find what looks cute and the age is written right on the front of the package.
Shiloh is venturing into the super-confusing sizing of toddler versus children's.
I had to read the back of the package to find out which color package I needed to look for, then I had to scan all the packages in that color because they had tons of "low-cut", "ankle", "no show", and "liner" socks.
I just wanted simple plain crew socks for my 4 year old!

One day I think they will find a Mom sobbing in the midst of packages of children's socks because of the insanity of the sizing and the many names of ankle socks.
Just call them ankle socks and knee socks, that is fine.
Finding the proper size should just be simpler AND the end of November is a good time to have a stock of crew socks and small selection ankle socks, not the other way around....unless you like fishing tiny balled-up socks out of the toes of small sweaty boots? Uh me? Not so much.
*exhale*, okay, rant over.

Maybe not, even though I *did* buy the appropriate size, they just fit so I need to get the next bigger size.
That means I get to have all this sock shopping fun again! When I go back, I will have to try hard not to be the Mom sobbing in the sock aisle...

Hmm, maybe she doesn't really need socks after all?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanks to Control Z

After writing a few posts and having them suddenly disappear on me before I got them published on here.
I had to go on a search because I knew there was a way to recover my lost text, and before I attempted another post I had to find it!
Took a lot of searching actually before I found what I was looking for....CTRL+Z = Undo
Ta da!
Also locking the mousepad on my laptop before I start typing helps a lot too, but getting that to work is a little tricky at times.

Anyways...I have had long posts to put on here but losing them was discouraging so I haven't gotten on here in a bit.
The time was well spent though, clearing the house of cobwebs and dust, switching the household to heavier curtains/blankets/clothes etc.
Baking a grape pie and peanut butter cookies, and deciding and clearing an area for the Christmas tree...
We didn't set up the tree yet, but it's a huge tree so it requires a little planning as to its location. It's a bit too big actually, our next tree we'll have to downsize a bit. Our old house had very high ceilings so anything smaller would have looked odd, but here we don't need such height.

Even though Shiloh had us play Christmas music until February of this year, I did pull out a Christmas CD and start playing it in the car over the weekend. Honestly I was just getting tired of hearing Disney's "Camp Rock" songs. ;-)
Then we started watching Christmas movies too. I still feel in a bit of Fall shock from missing out on the gradual introduction to Autumn that October brings, so I'm hoping that starting to slowly prepare ourselves for Christmas now will help me not feel so harried.
Lol, I can try!

We watched "The Polar Express" last night, but I had really forgotten a lot about it and certain parts frightened both of the girls. Shiloh slept fine through the night, but Vivian woke with a bad dream and had a hard time getting back to sleep so I tucked her in bed with us.
I've missed snuggling her in bed and smelling her baby shampoo and sweet baby breath...maybe not so much listening to Vivi and her Father's synchronized snoring. :)

She's been talking in much longer sentences now, though it's still hard to understand her sometimes.
She was eating a cookie today and all of sudden she tasted a chocolate chip in the cookie and her face just lit up "Mom! Mom! Chop chip!! Chop chip! Mmm, chop chip good!" (chocolate chips good) :)

Then last week we took them out to "Friendly's" and sundaes came with the girls' meals, so I ordered Vivian's in a sugar-free vanilla and her Daddy and I started eating her ice cream quickly so that she would mostly just eat the whipped cream, fudge and sprinkles on the top and the ice cream wouldn't bother her stomach.
She didn't mind me but thought her Daddy was eating more than his fair share so she suddenly pointed at him and said clear as day "No eat my ice cream. Eat Shiloh's!" lol

She's been asking to use the potty and wear panties as well. Sometimes she does something, sometimes she asks for a diaper. It's a bit of a crazy time now and I haven't had the time to devote to staying at home and focusing on the training so I haven't started pushing it or keeping her mostly in panties like I did during the summer.
If I get a week or two during December I'll try it or perhaps it will have to wait until after the holidays but I still rush her to the potty if she asks or pull out the panties when she requests them.
Maybe she'll do the training all herself???
Now that would be a Christmas present for a Mommy. :)

Monday, November 08, 2010

Revamping a lamp

Sometimes Shiloh likes to have her little lamp on so she can look at books before bed.
The lamp worked well, the only problem was that it was really designed for a baby's room and looked rather dated and out of place in Shi's room.
The little stuffed Pooh and Eeyore were dusty and starting to come unglued from the base so I thought I could revamp the lamp with a little work.
(You know, a little extra work with all my spare time!) ;)

The lamp - perfect for her Winnie the Pooh themed nursery, not so great for a 4 year-old's bedroom.

Working on the lamp while Shi took a nap. Three little bottles of paint, some glue remover, and elbow grease!

Ta Da! The finished product! Shiloh wanted to keep the flowers so I got a little more creative with them.

I love it!
I was a little nervous starting this project because I didn't really have an idea in mind of how it was going to look when I was finished.
I just winged it as I went along and I'm actually impressed that it turned out so well.
A good surprise. :)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Planes, coffee, and jet lag

Flying is not my favorite thing.
I even need to wear Seabands while flying.
I probably should see about getting some for Vivian too, though thankfully she was fine on the flights and even the taxi ride this time (but she was also exhausted and slept most of the time).
Flying is even more challenging with two small children...adding to that challenge the fact that I was seated in a row of three seats for me and my girls and my DH sat across the aisle.
Trying to hold juice cups and keep track of crayons, dole out snacks, and program movies and shows, and wipe up spills for them at the same time, while the coffee cart passes me by.
I cast my DH a desperate, sleep-deprived, and probably half-crazed look and hissed "I need coffee!! And they just walked past me!". I handed him micro coffee cup (you only get a decent sized cup in first or business class) and asked him to get me some coffee which he did.
It barely touched the surface of the amount of coffee I wanted though, sooo tempting to grab one of those big first-class mugs and have them fill that instead. "Oh, this mug? This is mommy-class mug, you have to have one of these if you are flying with children. yeppers."

At least they had nice little goodie bags for the girls on our return flights. Lots of little stickers and papers. A few crayons and a little orange gel pen that fascinated both girls.
They even had a little 35 piece puzzle for each of the girls....which I quickly hid!
That's 70 pieces of puzzle for me to keep track of, No thank you!
Vivian covered my hand and arm with stickers which did keep her pretty entertained.
We were finding stickers all over the three of us long after we left the plane...

Our last flight to the U.S. getting ready to board after our going through our second screening due to the increased security. This is Hong Kong airport.

Watching a few minutes of some "Twilight" movie on the flight. It was boring and I didn't want the girls to see some scenes, so I kept replaying "Toy Story 3" instead.
I've watched that movie so many times now, but I still don't know the whole story because I had to leave my headphones off most of the time so I could tend to the girls.

A look out the window...flying like an eagle, as Shiloh put it. :)
These are the bento food picks or cupcake picks as I think I'll use them for, that I mentioned before.
I think they are just so cute!
Shiloh picked out the package on the right, but I really liked the ones on the left better so we ended up getting both. :)

Still getting used to the time change, we'll probably get caught up just in time for DST change to take place!
Vivi seems to be having the roughest time and she falls asleep and wakes rather randomly yet, which means Mommy is up randomly as well.

But at least I can be productive even if jet-lagged, you can always do a load of laundry at 3am or clean the fish tank at 1am...
Then again, I put my cup of water into the cupboard instead of the microwave this morning...way early this I'm not quite free of the effects of jet-lag yet myself!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Home sweet Home!

We're home!
We had some rough turbulence on one flight. Shiloh was coloring at the time and we had to grab her crayons since they went flying everywhere but she just said "what's happening? whoa, bumpy!".
It scared Vivian though, especially since she was supposed to sit belted in her seat instead of in the comfort of my lap where she wanted to be.
Fortunately it didn't last very long.

We also had to go through extra screening before they would allow boarding on our flight to the U.S.
We only knew that something had happened and that the U.S. was on high alert, especially for planes entering the country.
I didn't find out until we were home that there had been a bomb scare/threat on Friday!

Shiloh was trying so hard to see our house from the plane when we were landing. :)
I think she thought it was going to pull up right at our door.

There was a fruit cup with one of my meals on the plane and I was so excited to see watermelon on there. yum! I tasted it and thought "that has got to be the worst tasting watermelon ever!" then I realized that it was papaya and not watermelon. :-o
But on the next flight, there was real watermelon in the fruit cup so I did get my watermelon after all!

Vivian has been much better at home, not nearly so clingy and even playing with her Daddy and letting me take a shower in peace without freaking out that I am out of sight.
Both girls were so excited to see their toys again...and dig into the apple pie (not papaya) that my Mom made for us. She's the best!

We're just busy cleaning and doing laundry and getting over our jet lag now. :)