Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday Black Eye

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and lots of good food!

We did not venture out shopping on Black Friday. I told my DH that I would drop him off at a store at a decent time, if the weather cooperated and if he really wanted to go shopping. I really didn't want to push my way through throngs of people or drag my kids around overheated and crowded stores.
But Friday was icy and chilly and DH decided he didn't need anything anyways.

So we stayed home, then later Vivi and Shiloh were dancing around and spinning and being silly and Vivi fell and bumped her head.
Instantly there was a small pinkish purple spot on her temple, so I quickly pulled out our "Disney Princess" ice pack and held it there as much as she would let me.
It didn't look too bad until the next morning when around her eye was swollen and turning these lovely purplish colors.
It's not swollen anymore but it's a black eye, thankfully doesn't bother her any more.
I call her my little "Black-eye Pea"...or "Bruiser".  ;-)
My poor baby.

Thankfully I just took the girls' Christmas pictures about two days before she fell!

The girls have been so much fun.
I think my favorite of the past week was Shiloh pretending she was running from Monsters in her room and Vivian misunderstood her and yelled "Ahh! We running from Monkeys! Ahh!"
Shiloh cracked up almost as hard as I did and then she went along with Vivian, and they both ran from the "monkeys". :)

We have our Christmas village set up. It's cute but not a peaceful village by any means...
Shiloh keeps making her plastic eagle fly over the village.
She likes to divebomb the little people then swoop away at the last minute....that might be because the eagles talons keep getting caught in the "snow" backdrop.
The little people are thankful for the snow. lol

I've been working on getting Shiloh writing her letters and numbers. She's much more into it if I show her a picture in the letter or number.
Like telling her that a "Q" looks like a cat's behind with his little tail...then she's happy to draw lots of "cat behinds". lol
Or that a "B" look like a butterfly with it's two wings. I forget now the little picture or story I have to go with each one, but Shi remembers them better than I do.
She reminded me today that a "9" is a race in a circle with a run to the finish line.
She liked that one! Her runs to the finish line could be a little shorter though. ;-D

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