Monday, November 01, 2010

Home sweet Home!

We're home!
We had some rough turbulence on one flight. Shiloh was coloring at the time and we had to grab her crayons since they went flying everywhere but she just said "what's happening? whoa, bumpy!".
It scared Vivian though, especially since she was supposed to sit belted in her seat instead of in the comfort of my lap where she wanted to be.
Fortunately it didn't last very long.

We also had to go through extra screening before they would allow boarding on our flight to the U.S.
We only knew that something had happened and that the U.S. was on high alert, especially for planes entering the country.
I didn't find out until we were home that there had been a bomb scare/threat on Friday!

Shiloh was trying so hard to see our house from the plane when we were landing. :)
I think she thought it was going to pull up right at our door.

There was a fruit cup with one of my meals on the plane and I was so excited to see watermelon on there. yum! I tasted it and thought "that has got to be the worst tasting watermelon ever!" then I realized that it was papaya and not watermelon. :-o
But on the next flight, there was real watermelon in the fruit cup so I did get my watermelon after all!

Vivian has been much better at home, not nearly so clingy and even playing with her Daddy and letting me take a shower in peace without freaking out that I am out of sight.
Both girls were so excited to see their toys again...and dig into the apple pie (not papaya) that my Mom made for us. She's the best!

We're just busy cleaning and doing laundry and getting over our jet lag now. :)

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