Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Planes, coffee, and jet lag

Flying is not my favorite thing.
I even need to wear Seabands while flying.
I probably should see about getting some for Vivian too, though thankfully she was fine on the flights and even the taxi ride this time (but she was also exhausted and slept most of the time).
Flying is even more challenging with two small children...adding to that challenge the fact that I was seated in a row of three seats for me and my girls and my DH sat across the aisle.
Trying to hold juice cups and keep track of crayons, dole out snacks, and program movies and shows, and wipe up spills for them at the same time, while the coffee cart passes me by.
I cast my DH a desperate, sleep-deprived, and probably half-crazed look and hissed "I need coffee!! And they just walked past me!". I handed him micro coffee cup (you only get a decent sized cup in first or business class) and asked him to get me some coffee which he did.
It barely touched the surface of the amount of coffee I wanted though, sooo tempting to grab one of those big first-class mugs and have them fill that instead. "Oh, this mug? This is mommy-class mug, you have to have one of these if you are flying with children. yeppers."

At least they had nice little goodie bags for the girls on our return flights. Lots of little stickers and papers. A few crayons and a little orange gel pen that fascinated both girls.
They even had a little 35 piece puzzle for each of the girls....which I quickly hid!
That's 70 pieces of puzzle for me to keep track of, No thank you!
Vivian covered my hand and arm with stickers which did keep her pretty entertained.
We were finding stickers all over the three of us long after we left the plane...

Our last flight to the U.S. getting ready to board after our going through our second screening due to the increased security. This is Hong Kong airport.

Watching a few minutes of some "Twilight" movie on the flight. It was boring and I didn't want the girls to see some scenes, so I kept replaying "Toy Story 3" instead.
I've watched that movie so many times now, but I still don't know the whole story because I had to leave my headphones off most of the time so I could tend to the girls.

A look out the window...flying like an eagle, as Shiloh put it. :)
These are the bento food picks or cupcake picks as I think I'll use them for, that I mentioned before.
I think they are just so cute!
Shiloh picked out the package on the right, but I really liked the ones on the left better so we ended up getting both. :)

Still getting used to the time change, we'll probably get caught up just in time for DST change to take place!
Vivi seems to be having the roughest time and she falls asleep and wakes rather randomly yet, which means Mommy is up randomly as well.

But at least I can be productive even if jet-lagged, you can always do a load of laundry at 3am or clean the fish tank at 1am...
Then again, I put my cup of water into the cupboard instead of the microwave this morning...way early this I'm not quite free of the effects of jet-lag yet myself!

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