Monday, November 08, 2010

Revamping a lamp

Sometimes Shiloh likes to have her little lamp on so she can look at books before bed.
The lamp worked well, the only problem was that it was really designed for a baby's room and looked rather dated and out of place in Shi's room.
The little stuffed Pooh and Eeyore were dusty and starting to come unglued from the base so I thought I could revamp the lamp with a little work.
(You know, a little extra work with all my spare time!) ;)

The lamp - perfect for her Winnie the Pooh themed nursery, not so great for a 4 year-old's bedroom.

Working on the lamp while Shi took a nap. Three little bottles of paint, some glue remover, and elbow grease!

Ta Da! The finished product! Shiloh wanted to keep the flowers so I got a little more creative with them.

I love it!
I was a little nervous starting this project because I didn't really have an idea in mind of how it was going to look when I was finished.
I just winged it as I went along and I'm actually impressed that it turned out so well.
A good surprise. :)

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Heather said...

Looks great, Ter! That lamp has been around for a loooooong time... it needed to be redone.