Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanks to Control Z

After writing a few posts and having them suddenly disappear on me before I got them published on here.
I had to go on a search because I knew there was a way to recover my lost text, and before I attempted another post I had to find it!
Took a lot of searching actually before I found what I was looking for....CTRL+Z = Undo
Ta da!
Also locking the mousepad on my laptop before I start typing helps a lot too, but getting that to work is a little tricky at times.

Anyways...I have had long posts to put on here but losing them was discouraging so I haven't gotten on here in a bit.
The time was well spent though, clearing the house of cobwebs and dust, switching the household to heavier curtains/blankets/clothes etc.
Baking a grape pie and peanut butter cookies, and deciding and clearing an area for the Christmas tree...
We didn't set up the tree yet, but it's a huge tree so it requires a little planning as to its location. It's a bit too big actually, our next tree we'll have to downsize a bit. Our old house had very high ceilings so anything smaller would have looked odd, but here we don't need such height.

Even though Shiloh had us play Christmas music until February of this year, I did pull out a Christmas CD and start playing it in the car over the weekend. Honestly I was just getting tired of hearing Disney's "Camp Rock" songs. ;-)
Then we started watching Christmas movies too. I still feel in a bit of Fall shock from missing out on the gradual introduction to Autumn that October brings, so I'm hoping that starting to slowly prepare ourselves for Christmas now will help me not feel so harried.
Lol, I can try!

We watched "The Polar Express" last night, but I had really forgotten a lot about it and certain parts frightened both of the girls. Shiloh slept fine through the night, but Vivian woke with a bad dream and had a hard time getting back to sleep so I tucked her in bed with us.
I've missed snuggling her in bed and smelling her baby shampoo and sweet baby breath...maybe not so much listening to Vivi and her Father's synchronized snoring. :)

She's been talking in much longer sentences now, though it's still hard to understand her sometimes.
She was eating a cookie today and all of sudden she tasted a chocolate chip in the cookie and her face just lit up "Mom! Mom! Chop chip!! Chop chip! Mmm, chop chip good!" (chocolate chips good) :)

Then last week we took them out to "Friendly's" and sundaes came with the girls' meals, so I ordered Vivian's in a sugar-free vanilla and her Daddy and I started eating her ice cream quickly so that she would mostly just eat the whipped cream, fudge and sprinkles on the top and the ice cream wouldn't bother her stomach.
She didn't mind me but thought her Daddy was eating more than his fair share so she suddenly pointed at him and said clear as day "No eat my ice cream. Eat Shiloh's!" lol

She's been asking to use the potty and wear panties as well. Sometimes she does something, sometimes she asks for a diaper. It's a bit of a crazy time now and I haven't had the time to devote to staying at home and focusing on the training so I haven't started pushing it or keeping her mostly in panties like I did during the summer.
If I get a week or two during December I'll try it or perhaps it will have to wait until after the holidays but I still rush her to the potty if she asks or pull out the panties when she requests them.
Maybe she'll do the training all herself???
Now that would be a Christmas present for a Mommy. :)

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