Monday, November 22, 2010

This socks

The girls and I went to Target (or "Tar-git" as Shi calls it) today.
We had a good trip, but man...I'm tired.
I wasn't sure how it was going to go either because Vivi was quite emotional this morning.
Crying for no reason is a big sign of teething with Vivian.

This morning I asked "Who wants pancakes?"
Vivi burst into tears, sobbing "i wan pancakes!" (always a good way to start the morning!)
Shiloh asked for milk.
Vivi starting sobbing "i wan milk too!"
From there on she was crying because her hands were sticky, her baby doll's foot got stuck, she had a crumb on her shirt and basically the world was spinning in the wrong direction.
I poured her a good dose of Motrin and watched the hands on the clock tick by!

Then I rushed to get the girls out the door because the city workers were coming down our street to pick up the leaves and I didn't want them to block me in or have to back out between dump trucks.
I start to get the girls into their carseats and then take a good look at Shiloh.
"Shi...what's going on with your coat? Did you put on Vivian's coat?"
I check the tag and sure enough she had put on Vivi's (18mos size) coat instead of hers.
Their coats match and when I brought them down from the hooks, Shi just grabbed one and put it on and never noticed anything out of the ordinary.
Vivi had opted for a different coat so I didn't look closely at the one that matched Shi's, I just hung it back on the hook.
So I had to run back inside and grab Shiloh's the city workers inched closer and closer to our driveway!

Anyways, we finally made it to Target. The girls sat in the basket of the cart, cushioned by our winter coats (in proper sizes), snacking on Cheez-it Mix and sipping lemon water.
It wouldn't be until later, as I shook out my coat that I would discover that Shiloh's little plastic baggie of Cheez-its had a hole in it...yep.

The "Pre-Black Friday" sales were pretty good. We really don't care much for shopping after Black Friday because most things tend to look trampled-on or half-opened after that date.
They had a lot of "buy four for this many dollars" or "buy eight for this many dollars" but the best savings is to use those sales but just buy the amount you need.
I have a hard time remembering that though, its like automatic when you see the sign to pick up the amount it says!
I'd end up choosing four things like the sign suggested and then remember that I don't *need* to buy four to get the sale price!
Tricky, tricky sales tactics!

The store was busier than a normal weekday with the holiday approaching, but it was nice to see that really everyone we came in contact with had a smile and a patient demeanor.
Pushing my cart and sheep-dogging two small little girls (when they weren't sitting in the cart) means we're not through the aisle the fastest by any means!

I'm quite certain that the candy aisles were the girls' favorites. I needed to pick up some chocolates...for baking and eating and just plain loving. :)
They helped select the bags and carried them proudly for a little while.

Shiloh needed some new socks and they had a good sale going today.
Shopping for socks for children is so not easy though! Shopping for baby socks is simple, find what looks cute and the age is written right on the front of the package.
Shiloh is venturing into the super-confusing sizing of toddler versus children's.
I had to read the back of the package to find out which color package I needed to look for, then I had to scan all the packages in that color because they had tons of "low-cut", "ankle", "no show", and "liner" socks.
I just wanted simple plain crew socks for my 4 year old!

One day I think they will find a Mom sobbing in the midst of packages of children's socks because of the insanity of the sizing and the many names of ankle socks.
Just call them ankle socks and knee socks, that is fine.
Finding the proper size should just be simpler AND the end of November is a good time to have a stock of crew socks and small selection ankle socks, not the other way around....unless you like fishing tiny balled-up socks out of the toes of small sweaty boots? Uh me? Not so much.
*exhale*, okay, rant over.

Maybe not, even though I *did* buy the appropriate size, they just fit so I need to get the next bigger size.
That means I get to have all this sock shopping fun again! When I go back, I will have to try hard not to be the Mom sobbing in the sock aisle...

Hmm, maybe she doesn't really need socks after all?

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Khourt said...

I feel your pain on the sock shopping. Its almost like shopping in the packaged underwear aisles. I just cant do it! Too many styles to chose from. I always end up buying the single socks or the ones that arent folded into the package. That way I can see right off hand the size/colour/style of them!