Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm looking forward to the new year.
2010 was a rough year overall.
Hoping and praying that 2011 is a great one. :)

My girls are tucked in snug in their beds.
I'm just waiting for my hubby to get home from work, then we'll probably open a bottle of sparkling cider and ring in the New Year watching the ball come down on the television. :)

Happy 2011 everyone!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Redecking the halls

The girls and I ran errands and did some shopping today.
Since I knew it would take awhile and be right around lunchtime, I packed some sandwiches and in between stores we stopped and had lunch in the truck.
It was such a nice sunny day that the truck was nice and warm, it reminded me of my many lunch breaks in my vehicle when I was working!

I was pushing the girls in the huge kids cart at Target, and this little girl around 7 years old let out this loud squeal when she saw the girls and shouts to her Mom "Look Mommy! TWINS!! Aren't they sooo cute!!" lol

I had to return a movie to Target, when we opened the case on Christmas Day the movie inside had a big dent in it! I had the receipt and Target lets you exchange the movie for the exact same movie, which fortunately they happened to have two left!

I wore Vivi out with all my shopping and running around...
We took down the Christmas tree and lights, and boxed up all the ornaments this morning before DH left for work.
So after we got home from shopping and while Vivian was napping, Shiloh and I redecorated. Our new garrations! (decorations) :)
Our winter wreath...Plastic candy canes from the Dollar store and Pine cones that I spray-painted gold.
Our staircase railing (a bit girly, but we like it that way.) :)

Shiloh has been wearing holes through her jeans with all her crawling around and pretending to be a cat or whatever.
So I was telling her that she really has to stop crawling around so much and that her clothes just can't take it.
So she says "Okay Mommy, I'll pretend to be a person."
She is so full of one-liners! :)

Vivian is looking a bit like a bruiser again. :(
Shi and Vivian were chasing each other and Vivi ran into Shiloh's bedrail, which sticks out a little from the bed. She has two small scratches/marks across the bridge of her nose. I was afraid it was going to bruise up and give her two black eyes but fortunately...whew!
Maybe I should get her a little football helmet?
Until then, her Mama could use some Calgon...and chocolate...and lots of calming tea.

A belated picture of the girls' Christmas snowman pancakes. A big hit! :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Undecking the halls

It was icy and slippery here this morning, a good day to stay inside.I started putting away our Christmas decorations today.
Well, taking garland and ornaments down and putting them in neat piles anyways. Our tree is still up with the lights.
I need to wait for DH to bring me the boxes from the basement and DH (knowing how much I like to do things myself) made me promise not to bring up the boxes myself.
So now my house is in decorating limbo.
Shi helped me take the ornaments off the tree, she really liked that.
"We have pretty garrations. No more garrations? I like this garration." (decoration)

Then I was cleaning the house and mopping the floors and Shi was helping with moving rugs and wiping down furniture. She asked me if she could use the Fairy duster (feather duster) to help me, of course I said yes.
I'm happy to say there are no dusty fairies in this house! ;-)

I am working on potty-training Vivian again and so far it's going much smoother than last time.
Not that there isn't a good amount of laundry for me to do, but there have also been full little potty pots for me to empty. :)
I just have to translate fast when she comes running to me upset and saying "Zoe wet! Zoe wet!"
Uhh, what?
Ohhh, Zoe (character) panties are wet?! Ok, let's run to the potty!

I've been teaching Shiloh "The Pledge Allegiance" and John 3:16 and tonight when I asked her to recite them, Vivian piped up and recited both of them almost in their full completion! It amazed me, and was so cute. I wish I had been able to record it, I'll have to try to catch it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and the day after Christmas

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. :)

I made the girls a Christmas breakfast of snowman pancakes, yesterday.
Silver-dollar pancakes arranged like a snowman and I used leftover cookie frosting to pipe on the faces and M&M's for the buttons...then dusted confectioners sugar over top to make them look snowy.
The girls loved them!
Then they asked for them again this morning...oh no! ;-)
This is too much work for everyday breakfasts, girls!

The girls had a great time opening gifts and Shiloh wasn't afraid to open anything, like she was last year.
She knew most everything that I had gotten for her but some she remembered and some she didn't.
We had a really delicious ham dinner at my parents, with lots of desserts and sweets to follow.
Shiloh especially loves the Hawaiian sweet rolls. She was having one today and she said "Mmm, Grama makes such good rolls! Mmm! So good! Makes my tummy full!" ;-)

The girls had a lot of fun playing with their cousins, and new toys. Vivian proudly carried around her new Pillow Pet which is about as big as she is, and had to pet and hug "Baby Wogan"(Logan)....and help him eat his Puffs snacks too!

Even with the noise and bustle of the six kids playing, and 16 people in the house, we were all missing baby Arianna. There were supposed to be seven little ones there this Christmas...well, Autumn is not so little anymore.
Hard to believe my first niece is already 10!

Our elderly neighbor was so nice to get presents for the girls for Christmas.
Unfortunately...the gifts were a couple of super noisy baby dolls!
Whenever they "sense" motion, they start making super-loud wails/coos/giggles/baby babble....AND then they blink...ON THEIR OWN!
Shiloh was afraid of those, of course. I was a bit unnerved myself quite frankly! ;-)

They were so annoying making all this noise, even if we just walked by the bag that they were in somehow they sensed it and started up.
So DH decided he wanted to bring them back to the store first thing this morning.
I was dreading long lines at returns, but the stores weren't bad at all.

We started at Wal-mart (which will henceforth be called Store #1) and they scanned the dolls and said "nope, these weren't bought here!". So DH brought them back to the car and we did a little shopping there.
Then on our way out of the parking lot, DH said "Let's try store #2".
Okay, drove there. Nope.
Then we tried stores #3 and #4. Nope. Nope.

No one wanted the freaky demon dolls, as I had now dubbed them.
Remember these are noisy motion-sensitive dolls, so all the while we are driving these TWO dolls are screaming and babbling (and probably blinking if I dared look in the bag).
Shiloh is whimpering in her carseat.
DH is getting more and more frustrated as he brings the dolls back to the car repeatedly. He complained that every time he went into a store, everyone in the store would turn and look at him because the dolls were sooo noisy!
Some where between stores #5 and #6, DH turned to me and said "Man, I was really thinking I wanted another baby but these dolls have changed my mind!!"

After store #7, we finally gave up our mission.
We came home and I googled the brand of the dolls and finally found the store that the dolls came from. It just not local, so we just have to keep the dolls out of sight or any motion until we can make the trip.
Now, how to keep them out of my dreams?! ;-)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sing us a song, you're the pado man

The girls and I ventured out to Target the other day, they were quite crowded, out of most sale items (and almost out of diapers!), and had their employees putting away the Christmas stuff already!
I'm not sure how some people can leave their shopping to the last minute, there were quite a few bare shelves already!
I was glad I only had a couple things to pick up and didn't really have the fight the crowds too much.

I've been busy baking cookies. My first few batches were specialized since they were for a family with a diabetic. Takes a little longer to mix wheat flour with the white, applesauce with the oil, and Splenda with the sugar etc. and still try to have a tasty cookie in the end.
I also made some cranberry muffins for them, which Vivi loved!
We delivered to that family on Wednesday so then I was able to focus on making regular Christmas cookies.
I made Spritz...with my pesty cookie press, the top kept popping off while I was pressing out the shapes.
So finally I just grabbed the last bit of dough and just rolled them into tiny flattened balls so I didn't have to fiddle with the press anymore.
Don't you know those simple little balls were Shiloh's favorite shape! So simple in the midst of all the flower and star shapes and she picked those out.
I'll make the whole batch in little balls next time, much easier than wrestling with the press. :)

We let the girls each open a gift that they had received from other people today. Honestly I just wanted something to keep them entertained while I was so busy with cookies, and laundry, and cleaning, and wrapping, and so on.
DH is just impatient for Christmas! ;-) ((Now I have to stop him from letting the girls open a gift tomorrow too!))
Anyways, Vivi got a little keyboard which she loves! She calls it a "pado" and keeps asking me "my pado? mine? my pado?" Then she kept pointing at my piano and then her keyboard "Mama's pado, my pado, Mama's pado, my pado." :)
Shiloh keeps trying to correct her pronunciation which is funny because Shi is telling Vivi to "Say pano Vivian, it's a pano. say pano." ;-)
I actually had been looking at buying a tiny keyboard for her because Shiloh always sits on the piano bench with me when I play but Vivi usually has to pull over her little chair or sit on my lap and it was just getting crowded!

Shi opened a little set of puzzles and that worked wonderfully.
Both girls played for a long time with their new presents...while I made a mess in the kitchen. ;-)

Clue number one that your butter has not really softened. When you turn on your mixer and the butter flings brown sugar around your is not soft.
Bad butter!
At least the rest of my baking went pretty smoothly.
My daughter has the patience of her Father though, she sits outside the oven door complaining that "..the cookies are still not baking, Mom! Cookies take forever! I can't see them baking Mom, they're not doing anything! Cookies take forever!"
That is her new favorite saying...everything takes forever.

Today was my birthday, at least according to Shiloh.
She put things in her little purse for me and said "Happy Birthday Mom, you're five today! I got you a present, I open for you. Look Mom! A earring! (a regular ring, but she calls all rings "earrings") and a necklace! (broken)." and then she'd walk away and come back and repeat it again.
She loves birthdays, and usually she can remember who in the family and extended family has the next birthdays. :)

One more day til Christmas....ack!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby love

Shiloh banged her head tonight and whined to me "Mom! I banged my head so hard that I hurt my brain!"
So...not to be outdone, Vivian runs up and shows me a minuscule mark on her knuckle "i hurt bwain! i hurt bwain! need medsin bwain!"
We're not too overly dramatic here, you know...

Vivian asks for medicine for everything..."medsin teeth", "medsin toe", and when she fell down the other night she even asked for "medsin butt".
So it is a pretty good sign that she has needed any medicine for her teeth since she got her Amber necklace!

Yesterday the girls were playing with their cousins at my parents' house. I needed to pick up Logan (who is 10 1/2 months old) and move him to a different part of the house.
It's the first time I've carried him in a long time because Vivi is always in my arms or clinging to me when we've been around him. Vivian followed right next to me and when I put him down I stroked his soft baby hair, so then Vivi raised her hand and asked "i pet him? i pet him?"
I told her that it was okay and she could "pet" him. :)
After that she just kept stroking his hair and hugging him and telling him "good boy! good boy!". ;-)
It was too cute, though I'm not entirely sure if she thinks of him as a person or a pet. lol
She was slightly grossed out when he turned his head as she hugged him resulting in baby drool on her cheek, so this love fest might be short-lasted. ;-)

I have more to write, but with an awful lingering migraine...staring at computer screen is probably not the best cure. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paper gloves flying through the mail...

I was going through my stationary last night and found some old envelopes that had been pre-printed with an old address so they are useless to me now.
I though maybe the girls would like to play with them, and they do. Then Shiloh brought me an envelope complaining "Mom, I can't get this "paper glove" open! It's stuck!"
I told her it was called an envelope not a then she went around calling it a "paper en-glove". ;-)

The girls and I went to the pet store yesterday. I needed to pick up some medicine for our sick goldfish, which costs a zillion times more than the fish actually do!
It was a really nice pet store though. The girls loved watching the hamsters run on their wheels and the chinchillas playing.
There were even some tiny adorable cute, until they started eating these live, wiggly, crunchy, larva-like, worms.
Yep, that about did it in. It was like watching "Fear Factor"...noooo don't eat it! why? why?! but you're so cute.." *gag*
- On a more happy note, the fish seem to have really perked up after I have treated their water...even though I did have to figure out 1/10th of a tablet of medicine for their tank...which then seemed to be too much medicine and some of my fish were laying on the bottom afterwards! Not good!
So then I had to quickly hop on Google and then change 1/3 of the water with fresh and that seemed to do the trick...hopefully.

After the pet store, we went to Target and I was able to pick up some Christmas gifts for the girls. We even browsed the toy aisles with Shiloh just occasionally reminding me that she didn't want any toys that "talk to her." ;-)
Knowing what she is getting for Christmas and that it isn't scary has really helped Shiloh anticipate Christmas more.
She kept asking me yesterday evening if it was Christmas yet, so I helped the girls to make a Countdown to Christmas for each of them last night...hoping that would help her to not ask so often. Hah!

Each time today that she would ask me if Christmas was here yet, I'd just point to the countdown and say "Noo, still 11 days to go!"
Then she'd sigh and say "Christmas takes a l-o-n-g time to get here!"
...and repeat
...and repeat
...and repeat
...and repeat
you get the idea.

Vivian woke frequently last night and barely napped today.
She was clingy and cranky and has a slight runny nose so I think a cold might be on the way. :(
One time she woke up during the night sobbing and pointing at the wall and saying "It's messy! It's messy!" I told her that Mama would clean it up, then she started asking for Elmo, and then saying "no Elmo"...just having bad dreams and whatever else was making her feel bad.

I think it's odd that both of my girls have bad dreams about things being messy though!

Vivian actually brought her plate to the counter the other day when she was finished eating, it was so cute!
I never ask her to bring her plate because she is too short to reach the countertop but she sees Shiloh doing it and followed suit.
Then the girls were playing with an entire box of blocks today and they picked up every single one without me even saying a word!
(which is not to say that they don't make messes either!...) ;-)

Hopefully Vivian sleeps good tonight...we all need it! (And since she picked-up so well, maybe no bad dreams!)

Friday, December 10, 2010

You say calendar...

We made a trip to Lowe's the other day.
Last year they had an amazing selection and display of indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. This year they didn't have as much though and a lot of their displays were at the very top of the shelves and the girls barely noticed them, so it wasn't as interesting and entertaining to the girls as I had hoped.
Well, they did have a blast riding in the "Car" shopping cart, I think their favorite part of the whole trip.
Vivi wanted to take the cart home with us.

Then while Vivian napped (and DH was home to watch her), I took Shi to the grocery store and she got to ride in a car cart again.
Wearing her pink Princess winter hat, She was spinning that steering wheel like crazy and giggling like a mad woman, so much that other shoppers were cracking up just watching us make our way down the aisles!

Today when DH called, the girls wanted to talk to him too.
I overheard him teasing Shiloh when they were talking, He asked her if she had learned the word "calendar" today.
She replied in confusion "Clatter? Clatter? We have a Clatter?  A Clatter?"
I jumped in and explained "No, he's saying "calendar"!"
Shiloh said into the phone "Really?! Are you saying Calendar, Dada? Are you really saying calendar, Dada?"

Oh dear, we may have to start calling it a date book or something instead...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Teething necklace

Vivian's teething necklace finally arrived in the mail today.
I have been so anxiously awaiting its arrival that I've been checking the shipping status several times a day!
It's my, her, both of ours Christmas present!
Both girls woke up several times last night too, for various reasons, so I was particularly thrilled to see the necklace arrive today.

The necklace is meant to be worn close to the skin and as often as possible, and the amber beads are supposed to help ease teething discomfort (and other ailments).
Hopefully it will help with Vivian's teething discomfort and even more than that I'd love to stay with my "Mr. Jekyll/cheerful/in-no-teething-pain" child!
At the very least, it is a pretty necklace. :)

Shiloh has been working every day on writing her Letters and Numbers. I had a difficult time coaxing her the first few days and then she started asking to write and spending more time writing than coloring and drawing like she was preferring to do.
She's become somewhat of a little Teacher too, trying to show Vivian how to write her Letters as well.
When Vivian asks me for a "boon" now, Shiloh keeps saying "It's a spoon, Vivian. Spoon. SPOON. Say spoon."
Vivi says "boon! boon!" and they both start giggling. ;-)

This morning DH was saying something about a calendar, which with his accent he pronounces "Ca-LEN-der" and Shiloh was following him saying "No Dada, it's a Calendar. Calendar. Say calendar."
Teach the child to write and she thinks she's a dictionary! ;-D

Swiss Miss has this neat Hot Cocoa mix with colored marshmallows in it, except the first time I made myself a cup...there wasn't a marshmallow in sight!
I didn't think much about it, until the next time I went to make a cup of cocoa and only marshmallows fell out of the pouch and into my cup.
What kind of sick mind game is this anyways?! (The mix is aptly named "Marshmallow madness"!)

Ahem, apparently they like to complicate things by involving two separate pouches for every cup of cocoa you make. One with cocoa mix and one with the marshmallows.
I don't know why...excess packaging like that is usually something companies steer clear of these days, or so I thought.
But in a time when everything has been downsized, from the size of a can of tuna (all of my recipes call for the larger size that the cans used to be!), to a bag of candy, to a package of coffee....I guess I can't complain much.

I made creamed tuna on toast the other day, it just sounded good and comforting to me on a chilly day.
Shiloh loves it, so she was eating eagerly but Vivian wasn't sure. She cleaned up everything else on her plate before she gingerly tried a bite and then she shouted in surprise "Mom! MOM! dis yum! dis yum!" while she gestured with her fork.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Three Wise Men and a Foolish Man too.

Happy Birthday to my Mom!! :)

I have a Sesame Street song stuck in my head. "A cookie is a sometimes food".
So depressing a song too.
Sometimes is not good enough! I want breakfast, lunch, and dinner cookies...or in other words "me want cookie!" ;-)

I've been finishing up some Christmas decorating.
We still have pumpkins on display because when I was going to put them outside for the squirrels, Shiloh got upset that the squirrels would scratch and bite her pumpkins.
I said "Well, I'm putting them out for the squirrels to eat them".
She said "Noo, put them back. I really like them."
The pumpkins are still in good shape so they are still on display at the moment.
Sorry squirrels...well not really.

I set up my delicate nativity display on the counter the other day. We also have a plastic toy nativity that is under the least most of it is. There might be an angel in the girls' toy kitchen or a camel in their doll know.
Anyway Shiloh was with me when I set up the counter display and I explained what each piece was: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Wise Men and so on.
Yesterday she picks up a shepherd from the display and says "Hey Mom, Is this one the foolish man?"
"Is this one the foolish man?"

Too funny! We've been singing the Sunday School song "The wise man built his house upon the rock and the foolish man built his house upon the sand" and she thought that was the same wise man that came to visit Jesus, so the Shepherd must be the foolish man.... ;-)

I love this age, so much fun.