Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby love

Shiloh banged her head tonight and whined to me "Mom! I banged my head so hard that I hurt my brain!"
So...not to be outdone, Vivian runs up and shows me a minuscule mark on her knuckle "i hurt bwain! i hurt bwain! need medsin bwain!"
We're not too overly dramatic here, you know...

Vivian asks for medicine for everything..."medsin teeth", "medsin toe", and when she fell down the other night she even asked for "medsin butt".
So it is a pretty good sign that she has needed any medicine for her teeth since she got her Amber necklace!

Yesterday the girls were playing with their cousins at my parents' house. I needed to pick up Logan (who is 10 1/2 months old) and move him to a different part of the house.
It's the first time I've carried him in a long time because Vivi is always in my arms or clinging to me when we've been around him. Vivian followed right next to me and when I put him down I stroked his soft baby hair, so then Vivi raised her hand and asked "i pet him? i pet him?"
I told her that it was okay and she could "pet" him. :)
After that she just kept stroking his hair and hugging him and telling him "good boy! good boy!". ;-)
It was too cute, though I'm not entirely sure if she thinks of him as a person or a pet. lol
She was slightly grossed out when he turned his head as she hugged him resulting in baby drool on her cheek, so this love fest might be short-lasted. ;-)

I have more to write, but with an awful lingering migraine...staring at computer screen is probably not the best cure. :)

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