Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and the day after Christmas

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. :)

I made the girls a Christmas breakfast of snowman pancakes, yesterday.
Silver-dollar pancakes arranged like a snowman and I used leftover cookie frosting to pipe on the faces and M&M's for the buttons...then dusted confectioners sugar over top to make them look snowy.
The girls loved them!
Then they asked for them again this morning...oh no! ;-)
This is too much work for everyday breakfasts, girls!

The girls had a great time opening gifts and Shiloh wasn't afraid to open anything, like she was last year.
She knew most everything that I had gotten for her but some she remembered and some she didn't.
We had a really delicious ham dinner at my parents, with lots of desserts and sweets to follow.
Shiloh especially loves the Hawaiian sweet rolls. She was having one today and she said "Mmm, Grama makes such good rolls! Mmm! So good! Makes my tummy full!" ;-)

The girls had a lot of fun playing with their cousins, and new toys. Vivian proudly carried around her new Pillow Pet which is about as big as she is, and had to pet and hug "Baby Wogan"(Logan)....and help him eat his Puffs snacks too!

Even with the noise and bustle of the six kids playing, and 16 people in the house, we were all missing baby Arianna. There were supposed to be seven little ones there this Christmas...well, Autumn is not so little anymore.
Hard to believe my first niece is already 10!

Our elderly neighbor was so nice to get presents for the girls for Christmas.
Unfortunately...the gifts were a couple of super noisy baby dolls!
Whenever they "sense" motion, they start making super-loud wails/coos/giggles/baby babble....AND then they blink...ON THEIR OWN!
Shiloh was afraid of those, of course. I was a bit unnerved myself quite frankly! ;-)

They were so annoying making all this noise, even if we just walked by the bag that they were in somehow they sensed it and started up.
So DH decided he wanted to bring them back to the store first thing this morning.
I was dreading long lines at returns, but the stores weren't bad at all.

We started at Wal-mart (which will henceforth be called Store #1) and they scanned the dolls and said "nope, these weren't bought here!". So DH brought them back to the car and we did a little shopping there.
Then on our way out of the parking lot, DH said "Let's try store #2".
Okay, drove there. Nope.
Then we tried stores #3 and #4. Nope. Nope.

No one wanted the freaky demon dolls, as I had now dubbed them.
Remember these are noisy motion-sensitive dolls, so all the while we are driving these TWO dolls are screaming and babbling (and probably blinking if I dared look in the bag).
Shiloh is whimpering in her carseat.
DH is getting more and more frustrated as he brings the dolls back to the car repeatedly. He complained that every time he went into a store, everyone in the store would turn and look at him because the dolls were sooo noisy!
Some where between stores #5 and #6, DH turned to me and said "Man, I was really thinking I wanted another baby but these dolls have changed my mind!!"

After store #7, we finally gave up our mission.
We came home and I googled the brand of the dolls and finally found the store that the dolls came from. It just not local, so we just have to keep the dolls out of sight or any motion until we can make the trip.
Now, how to keep them out of my dreams?! ;-)

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