Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paper gloves flying through the mail...

I was going through my stationary last night and found some old envelopes that had been pre-printed with an old address so they are useless to me now.
I though maybe the girls would like to play with them, and they do. Then Shiloh brought me an envelope complaining "Mom, I can't get this "paper glove" open! It's stuck!"
I told her it was called an envelope not a glove....so then she went around calling it a "paper en-glove". ;-)

The girls and I went to the pet store yesterday. I needed to pick up some medicine for our sick goldfish, which costs a zillion times more than the fish actually do!
It was a really nice pet store though. The girls loved watching the hamsters run on their wheels and the chinchillas playing.
There were even some tiny adorable hedgehogs...so cute, until they started eating these live, wiggly, crunchy, larva-like, worms.
Yep, that about did it in. It was like watching "Fear Factor"...noooo don't eat it! why? why?! but you're so cute.." *gag*
- On a more happy note, the fish seem to have really perked up after I have treated their water...even though I did have to figure out 1/10th of a tablet of medicine for their tank...which then seemed to be too much medicine and some of my fish were laying on the bottom afterwards! Not good!
So then I had to quickly hop on Google and then change 1/3 of the water with fresh and that seemed to do the trick...hopefully.

After the pet store, we went to Target and I was able to pick up some Christmas gifts for the girls. We even browsed the toy aisles with Shiloh just occasionally reminding me that she didn't want any toys that "talk to her." ;-)
Knowing what she is getting for Christmas and that it isn't scary has really helped Shiloh anticipate Christmas more.
She kept asking me yesterday evening if it was Christmas yet, so I helped the girls to make a Countdown to Christmas for each of them last night...hoping that would help her to not ask so often. Hah!

Each time today that she would ask me if Christmas was here yet, I'd just point to the countdown and say "Noo, still 11 days to go!"
Then she'd sigh and say "Christmas takes a l-o-n-g time to get here!"
...and repeat
...and repeat
...and repeat
...and repeat
you get the idea.

Vivian woke frequently last night and barely napped today.
She was clingy and cranky and has a slight runny nose so I think a cold might be on the way. :(
One time she woke up during the night sobbing and pointing at the wall and saying "It's messy! It's messy!" I told her that Mama would clean it up, then she started asking for Elmo, and then saying "no Elmo"...just having bad dreams and whatever else was making her feel bad.

I think it's odd that both of my girls have bad dreams about things being messy though!

Vivian actually brought her plate to the counter the other day when she was finished eating, it was so cute!
I never ask her to bring her plate because she is too short to reach the countertop but she sees Shiloh doing it and followed suit.
Then the girls were playing with an entire box of blocks today and they picked up every single one without me even saying a word!
(which is not to say that they don't make messes either!...) ;-)

Hopefully Vivian sleeps good tonight...we all need it! (And since she picked-up so well, maybe no bad dreams!)

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