Thursday, December 30, 2010

Redecking the halls

The girls and I ran errands and did some shopping today.
Since I knew it would take awhile and be right around lunchtime, I packed some sandwiches and in between stores we stopped and had lunch in the truck.
It was such a nice sunny day that the truck was nice and warm, it reminded me of my many lunch breaks in my vehicle when I was working!

I was pushing the girls in the huge kids cart at Target, and this little girl around 7 years old let out this loud squeal when she saw the girls and shouts to her Mom "Look Mommy! TWINS!! Aren't they sooo cute!!" lol

I had to return a movie to Target, when we opened the case on Christmas Day the movie inside had a big dent in it! I had the receipt and Target lets you exchange the movie for the exact same movie, which fortunately they happened to have two left!

I wore Vivi out with all my shopping and running around...
We took down the Christmas tree and lights, and boxed up all the ornaments this morning before DH left for work.
So after we got home from shopping and while Vivian was napping, Shiloh and I redecorated. Our new garrations! (decorations) :)
Our winter wreath...Plastic candy canes from the Dollar store and Pine cones that I spray-painted gold.
Our staircase railing (a bit girly, but we like it that way.) :)

Shiloh has been wearing holes through her jeans with all her crawling around and pretending to be a cat or whatever.
So I was telling her that she really has to stop crawling around so much and that her clothes just can't take it.
So she says "Okay Mommy, I'll pretend to be a person."
She is so full of one-liners! :)

Vivian is looking a bit like a bruiser again. :(
Shi and Vivian were chasing each other and Vivi ran into Shiloh's bedrail, which sticks out a little from the bed. She has two small scratches/marks across the bridge of her nose. I was afraid it was going to bruise up and give her two black eyes but fortunately...whew!
Maybe I should get her a little football helmet?
Until then, her Mama could use some Calgon...and chocolate...and lots of calming tea.

A belated picture of the girls' Christmas snowman pancakes. A big hit! :)

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