Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sing us a song, you're the pado man

The girls and I ventured out to Target the other day, they were quite crowded, out of most sale items (and almost out of diapers!), and had their employees putting away the Christmas stuff already!
I'm not sure how some people can leave their shopping to the last minute, there were quite a few bare shelves already!
I was glad I only had a couple things to pick up and didn't really have the fight the crowds too much.

I've been busy baking cookies. My first few batches were specialized since they were for a family with a diabetic. Takes a little longer to mix wheat flour with the white, applesauce with the oil, and Splenda with the sugar etc. and still try to have a tasty cookie in the end.
I also made some cranberry muffins for them, which Vivi loved!
We delivered to that family on Wednesday so then I was able to focus on making regular Christmas cookies.
I made Spritz...with my pesty cookie press, the top kept popping off while I was pressing out the shapes.
So finally I just grabbed the last bit of dough and just rolled them into tiny flattened balls so I didn't have to fiddle with the press anymore.
Don't you know those simple little balls were Shiloh's favorite shape! So simple in the midst of all the flower and star shapes and she picked those out.
I'll make the whole batch in little balls next time, much easier than wrestling with the press. :)

We let the girls each open a gift that they had received from other people today. Honestly I just wanted something to keep them entertained while I was so busy with cookies, and laundry, and cleaning, and wrapping, and so on.
DH is just impatient for Christmas! ;-) ((Now I have to stop him from letting the girls open a gift tomorrow too!))
Anyways, Vivi got a little keyboard which she loves! She calls it a "pado" and keeps asking me "my pado? mine? my pado?" Then she kept pointing at my piano and then her keyboard "Mama's pado, my pado, Mama's pado, my pado." :)
Shiloh keeps trying to correct her pronunciation which is funny because Shi is telling Vivi to "Say pano Vivian, it's a pano. say pano." ;-)
I actually had been looking at buying a tiny keyboard for her because Shiloh always sits on the piano bench with me when I play but Vivi usually has to pull over her little chair or sit on my lap and it was just getting crowded!

Shi opened a little set of puzzles and that worked wonderfully.
Both girls played for a long time with their new presents...while I made a mess in the kitchen. ;-)

Clue number one that your butter has not really softened. When you turn on your mixer and the butter flings brown sugar around your is not soft.
Bad butter!
At least the rest of my baking went pretty smoothly.
My daughter has the patience of her Father though, she sits outside the oven door complaining that "..the cookies are still not baking, Mom! Cookies take forever! I can't see them baking Mom, they're not doing anything! Cookies take forever!"
That is her new favorite saying...everything takes forever.

Today was my birthday, at least according to Shiloh.
She put things in her little purse for me and said "Happy Birthday Mom, you're five today! I got you a present, I open for you. Look Mom! A earring! (a regular ring, but she calls all rings "earrings") and a necklace! (broken)." and then she'd walk away and come back and repeat it again.
She loves birthdays, and usually she can remember who in the family and extended family has the next birthdays. :)

One more day til Christmas....ack!

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