Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Teething necklace

Vivian's teething necklace finally arrived in the mail today.
I have been so anxiously awaiting its arrival that I've been checking the shipping status several times a day!
It's my, her, both of ours Christmas present!
Both girls woke up several times last night too, for various reasons, so I was particularly thrilled to see the necklace arrive today.

The necklace is meant to be worn close to the skin and as often as possible, and the amber beads are supposed to help ease teething discomfort (and other ailments).
Hopefully it will help with Vivian's teething discomfort and even more than that I'd love to stay with my "Mr. Jekyll/cheerful/in-no-teething-pain" child!
At the very least, it is a pretty necklace. :)

Shiloh has been working every day on writing her Letters and Numbers. I had a difficult time coaxing her the first few days and then she started asking to write and spending more time writing than coloring and drawing like she was preferring to do.
She's become somewhat of a little Teacher too, trying to show Vivian how to write her Letters as well.
When Vivian asks me for a "boon" now, Shiloh keeps saying "It's a spoon, Vivian. Spoon. SPOON. Say spoon."
Vivi says "boon! boon!" and they both start giggling. ;-)

This morning DH was saying something about a calendar, which with his accent he pronounces "Ca-LEN-der" and Shiloh was following him saying "No Dada, it's a Calendar. Calendar. Say calendar."
Teach the child to write and she thinks she's a dictionary! ;-D

Swiss Miss has this neat Hot Cocoa mix with colored marshmallows in it, except the first time I made myself a cup...there wasn't a marshmallow in sight!
I didn't think much about it, until the next time I went to make a cup of cocoa and only marshmallows fell out of the pouch and into my cup.
What kind of sick mind game is this anyways?! (The mix is aptly named "Marshmallow madness"!)

Ahem, apparently they like to complicate things by involving two separate pouches for every cup of cocoa you make. One with cocoa mix and one with the marshmallows.
I don't know why...excess packaging like that is usually something companies steer clear of these days, or so I thought.
But in a time when everything has been downsized, from the size of a can of tuna (all of my recipes call for the larger size that the cans used to be!), to a bag of candy, to a package of coffee....I guess I can't complain much.

I made creamed tuna on toast the other day, it just sounded good and comforting to me on a chilly day.
Shiloh loves it, so she was eating eagerly but Vivian wasn't sure. She cleaned up everything else on her plate before she gingerly tried a bite and then she shouted in surprise "Mom! MOM! dis yum! dis yum!" while she gestured with her fork.

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