Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Undecking the halls

It was icy and slippery here this morning, a good day to stay inside.I started putting away our Christmas decorations today.
Well, taking garland and ornaments down and putting them in neat piles anyways. Our tree is still up with the lights.
I need to wait for DH to bring me the boxes from the basement and DH (knowing how much I like to do things myself) made me promise not to bring up the boxes myself.
So now my house is in decorating limbo.
Shi helped me take the ornaments off the tree, she really liked that.
"We have pretty garrations. No more garrations? I like this garration." (decoration)

Then I was cleaning the house and mopping the floors and Shi was helping with moving rugs and wiping down furniture. She asked me if she could use the Fairy duster (feather duster) to help me, of course I said yes.
I'm happy to say there are no dusty fairies in this house! ;-)

I am working on potty-training Vivian again and so far it's going much smoother than last time.
Not that there isn't a good amount of laundry for me to do, but there have also been full little potty pots for me to empty. :)
I just have to translate fast when she comes running to me upset and saying "Zoe wet! Zoe wet!"
Uhh, what?
Ohhh, Zoe (character) panties are wet?! Ok, let's run to the potty!

I've been teaching Shiloh "The Pledge Allegiance" and John 3:16 and tonight when I asked her to recite them, Vivian piped up and recited both of them almost in their full completion! It amazed me, and was so cute. I wish I had been able to record it, I'll have to try to catch it.

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