Friday, December 10, 2010

You say calendar...

We made a trip to Lowe's the other day.
Last year they had an amazing selection and display of indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. This year they didn't have as much though and a lot of their displays were at the very top of the shelves and the girls barely noticed them, so it wasn't as interesting and entertaining to the girls as I had hoped.
Well, they did have a blast riding in the "Car" shopping cart, I think their favorite part of the whole trip.
Vivi wanted to take the cart home with us.

Then while Vivian napped (and DH was home to watch her), I took Shi to the grocery store and she got to ride in a car cart again.
Wearing her pink Princess winter hat, She was spinning that steering wheel like crazy and giggling like a mad woman, so much that other shoppers were cracking up just watching us make our way down the aisles!

Today when DH called, the girls wanted to talk to him too.
I overheard him teasing Shiloh when they were talking, He asked her if she had learned the word "calendar" today.
She replied in confusion "Clatter? Clatter? We have a Clatter?  A Clatter?"
I jumped in and explained "No, he's saying "calendar"!"
Shiloh said into the phone "Really?! Are you saying Calendar, Dada? Are you really saying calendar, Dada?"

Oh dear, we may have to start calling it a date book or something instead...


Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Those car carts are the best. Ours only have 2 seaters and with 3 kids sometimes its a fight who gets to be the driver lol

MoppetMama said...

We had the same problem when DH grabbed a car cart that only had one steering wheel in it!
I don't think he'll make that mistake again. ;)