Monday, January 31, 2011

Sore Shoulder

Getting older is just awesome.
I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder and it's just taking so much longer to recover than usual. It's sending pains up my neck and down my back and arm.
I'm needing heating pads and Ibuprofen and muscle creams etc....which are not really helping, it's still aching.

Trying to explain to Vivi that Mama is hurt and can't carry her everywhere.
At least she understands that she's heavy for me, she said "i heavy, i eat lotsa food!" :)
Not too heavy though really, she's only about 26 lbs. now.
But wow, the girls eat breakfast like crazy! They'll eat pancakes, then bowls of cereal or toast or a pbj, then a banana, then more pancakes and still be hungry at lunchtime!
Need fuel for all their energy, I guess. :)

I ran out to the grocery store today, they're having a lot of sales so people can stock up on Super Bowl Party supplies.
It wasn't a great time to go though, the afternoon before an impending snow storm.
The store was pretty crowded!
This storm looks like it's hitting most of the United States.
It's quite a monster storm, and it seems to be quite difficult for the weathermen to give us a good estimate of how much snow to anticipate.
The girls will enjoy it at least, they love watching it snow and playing in it. :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Conversations with Vivian

It's fun, if not noisy around here.
Shiloh singing loudly and off-key, her own words to Christmas songs. Vivi calling urgently for my attention just to announce to me that she has two eyes....not just one eye, but two eyes.
Just letting me know.
They are both such chatterboxes too....with (of course) some sisterly competition for my attention.

Tonight while the girls were eating their dinner, Shiloh was doing this little hopping thing in her chair so I told her to stop and sit properly.
Vivi piped right up "i sit poppy, Mama! i sit poppy!"

Vivian's nap times have been a bit too late, so that means she's not tired at the girls early bedtime.
But it does give us a little one-on-one time after Shi falls asleep.
Sometimes we just watch a bit of a movie, sometimes she eats a late night snack (and seriously still wakes up with her stomach growling!), or sometimes we just chat a bit.

"i like Shiloh. she not mean"

"Tom sedick is swimming, wooez is sleeping." (our goldfish)

"i swim in tub. i tending i a pincess."

"seeds all gone. dere no little bit." (seeds = almonds)

"horse says yee-ha"

"inside my nose is gross"

"Dada good guy"

After almost slipping off my lap "whew, i fall in da sky!"

"no mm for gas." (m&m)

Such a funny and amusing little person, my daughter. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monkey see

I'm finally starting to see some progress in my knitting.
The girls are so cute and when they see me knitting, they have run for their sewing cards and settle down on the couch next to me.
Sometimes Vivi just likes to have her own skein of yarn and she just hugs it and plays with a strand of it for a bit.
It's fun having my own little knitting circle. :)
Shiloh's also asked me to make some little blankets for her dollhouse so that's another project on my list.
That should be pretty simple though, a bit of material and maybe some hemming or trimming.

Vivian is doing well with potty-training, right now our only real issue is getting her to use a regular toilet instead of her little potty.
She has a hard time with that and it makes it difficult to leave the house....not that we've been getting out too much anyways with our January weather of winter storms and below zero temps!
I need to try getting her comfortable using the toilet with the child attachment and going from there.
The thing is that she really has to go and I can see that she's honestly trying but she gets too nervous or something.

I made a lemon bread last week and Vivian really loved it. Now whenever she pretends to bake or even playing with play-doh, she tells me she's making lemon bread. :)
Shiloh gets so caught up in playing with play-doh. When I told her she had played long enough and needed to stop and eat lunch, she replied "But I'm not hungry I made lots of pancakes". She had little plates all full of play-doh pancakes....and she poked little holes in some of them to make chocolate-chip pancakes. :)

Vivi has been talking so much now. Since Shiloh has always been a chatterbox, it can get quite noisy at times now...especially when they both try to talk over the other one!
Vivi wanted me to do something the other day and I replied "What do you think I am?"
She replied without pause "A monkey!"
Then she continued "Carry me Monkey, Peese!"

Makes me miss the days of simple baby babble, lol.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Knit 'em Cowgirl!

I started my next knitting project, well just barely started. There are loops of yarn on my knitting needle but that's as far as I've gotten.
I'm supposed to be making a shrug, but basically that's all that I do when I think about knitting it. lol
Shiloh is always asking to help knit and tying any strings or straps or ribbons into hopeless knots and proudly showing me her "knitting".
So I bought the girls some sewing cards so they have their own projects while I am knitting.
Shiloh does pretty well and says it's her knitting. Vivian's cards look like she lassoed and hogtied them! haha! But she is still young for the cards, they say for ages three and up and she won't even be three for months yet.

Vivian is still doing great with potty-training. She's been waking up dry from both naps and bedtime for a few days now. We still haven't conquered her nerves over the big potty yet.
We went out for a quick trip to the store and out to dinner, she asked to go potty repeatedly and she really had to go but I took her a total of six times while we were out and she just couldn't do it.
She kept her diaper dry though and just rushed to the potty once we got home!

We have a decent amount of snow now, just not been too great for the kids to play in.
It's been windy and chilly and the snow is not good packing snow, though Shi still had fun throwing handfuls of it around.
Unfortunately when we were out, the neighbor decided to start snow blowing which made Vivi nervous so I had to carry her around after that but they both still thought it was fun. :)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fever, Fever, go away

Vivian caught her sister's virus. :(
She suddenly was very whiny and hot, the ear thermometer was reading between 102.6-103 degrees.
I gave her the last dose of Ibuprofen and that quickly brought her fever down to the normal range.
Then I went to grab a new bottle of medicine and found we were all out and that all I had left was Tylenol.
Fevers make me nervous, so I couldn't get much sleep that night because Tylenol doesn't last as long as Motrin nor did it bring her fever completely down.
I kept checking on her to make sure her fever didn't spike, and around 2am she woke up because she was feverish again.

Then when we got up for the day, I went to take her temperature and found that the batteries in our thermometer had died!
It takes button-cell batteries too, and not AA or AAA which we have on hand.
So I ran to the drugstore and picked up a big bottle of Motrin, but they didn't have the batteries that I needed.
Fortunately I've still been able to take her temperature with a digital thermometer under her armpit. It just takes a long time that way.

Last night we were able to sleep much easier. Vivian was so tired that I was rushing to get her into bed and completely forgot to put a diaper on her (she still needs them for night and naps). It didn't hit me until after midnight and by that time she had already been in bed for hours!
Amazingly, she was still dry!

Do I get bonus points for being able to put a diaper on a child wearing zippered footie pajamas....without taking off the pajamas and most importantly not waking the sleeping child? (Lol it's not my first time though, I forgot the night-diaper a few times when I was training Shi too)
I'm glad I finally remembered the diaper because it was quite soaked this morning!

Vivian's newest phrase is "of course". It's how she's replying to most everything I ask her. So funny. She's talking non-stop now.
Today she was saying "No Snowman! Snow...PINCESS (princess)! No Snowman! Snow PINCESS!"
I'm not sure why she was saying it, but she thought it was the funniest thing.
Thankfully Shiloh seems to be doing much better today. She's had a bad cough and not even been able to sleep without the vaporizer going so it will be great if she can sleep soundly tonight.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Cheese it's good

I'm going to whisper this because I'm so happy that I have to say it, but I don't want to mess up a good thing by shouting it from the know how that goes!
Vivian is doing awesome at potty-training this time around! :-D
She's keeping her panties dry (or mostly dry) and is letting me know when she needs to use the potty even when she's busy playing or even taking a bath!
I've been reminding her several times a day, just to make her notice if she feels like she has to go but otherwise I haven't needed to make her sit on the potty. She's been doing fine on her own.

She's tried using the "big" potty but it seems like she can't concentrate on which muscles she needs to use when she's on that one. She tried a few times tonight since we were upstairs where I don't have her potty seat, finally I ran down and brought up her seat and she used that fine. I'll try just the small seat cover next time and hopefully that will work because that is much more portable.

We still have more than a few steps in potty-training to conquer, but she's getting the control down and she's just so into it!(which was my biggest concern) So Yay!

Last night was rough though.
I'm pretty sure it's because Vivian had too much dairy, tuna noodle casserole and then pizza...with the cheese scraped off, but still...
She was gassy and woke several times. I finally brought her into our bed around midnight (Vivian had woken about 3x by then) and she slept in our bed til about 4am when I put her back in her own bed and she stayed asleep til 6-ish.
She's such a good eater that it's sometimes hard to gauge that secret amount of dairy that's okay for her.
It doesn't help that she loves cheese either!
Seriously, loves it!
Tonight I made the girls little sandwiches and I put a micro amount of munster cheese on Vivi's sandwich and Shiloh got more.
Well, I caught Vivian reaching onto Shiloh's plate and stealing her cheese!!
So when I'm thinking over everything she ate to make sure she hasn't had too much dairy...Hmm, how much dairy is she pilfering on the side?
Lol! Kids!

Shiloh has caught some virus. She had a low-grade fever that would come and go for about three days. She also complained that her nose was stuffy, so we ran the vaporizer in her room during the night...though it was hard to get her to fall asleep with it on because the noises that it makes scared her.
Today she just had a bit of a cough, and sounds hoarse so I'm thinking it's just a cold.
Hoping no one else in the family catches it, though if Vivi's going to steal food off her sister's plate I guess it's not likely!