Monday, January 03, 2011

Cheese it's good

I'm going to whisper this because I'm so happy that I have to say it, but I don't want to mess up a good thing by shouting it from the know how that goes!
Vivian is doing awesome at potty-training this time around! :-D
She's keeping her panties dry (or mostly dry) and is letting me know when she needs to use the potty even when she's busy playing or even taking a bath!
I've been reminding her several times a day, just to make her notice if she feels like she has to go but otherwise I haven't needed to make her sit on the potty. She's been doing fine on her own.

She's tried using the "big" potty but it seems like she can't concentrate on which muscles she needs to use when she's on that one. She tried a few times tonight since we were upstairs where I don't have her potty seat, finally I ran down and brought up her seat and she used that fine. I'll try just the small seat cover next time and hopefully that will work because that is much more portable.

We still have more than a few steps in potty-training to conquer, but she's getting the control down and she's just so into it!(which was my biggest concern) So Yay!

Last night was rough though.
I'm pretty sure it's because Vivian had too much dairy, tuna noodle casserole and then pizza...with the cheese scraped off, but still...
She was gassy and woke several times. I finally brought her into our bed around midnight (Vivian had woken about 3x by then) and she slept in our bed til about 4am when I put her back in her own bed and she stayed asleep til 6-ish.
She's such a good eater that it's sometimes hard to gauge that secret amount of dairy that's okay for her.
It doesn't help that she loves cheese either!
Seriously, loves it!
Tonight I made the girls little sandwiches and I put a micro amount of munster cheese on Vivi's sandwich and Shiloh got more.
Well, I caught Vivian reaching onto Shiloh's plate and stealing her cheese!!
So when I'm thinking over everything she ate to make sure she hasn't had too much dairy...Hmm, how much dairy is she pilfering on the side?
Lol! Kids!

Shiloh has caught some virus. She had a low-grade fever that would come and go for about three days. She also complained that her nose was stuffy, so we ran the vaporizer in her room during the night...though it was hard to get her to fall asleep with it on because the noises that it makes scared her.
Today she just had a bit of a cough, and sounds hoarse so I'm thinking it's just a cold.
Hoping no one else in the family catches it, though if Vivi's going to steal food off her sister's plate I guess it's not likely!

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