Sunday, January 30, 2011

Conversations with Vivian

It's fun, if not noisy around here.
Shiloh singing loudly and off-key, her own words to Christmas songs. Vivi calling urgently for my attention just to announce to me that she has two eyes....not just one eye, but two eyes.
Just letting me know.
They are both such chatterboxes too....with (of course) some sisterly competition for my attention.

Tonight while the girls were eating their dinner, Shiloh was doing this little hopping thing in her chair so I told her to stop and sit properly.
Vivi piped right up "i sit poppy, Mama! i sit poppy!"

Vivian's nap times have been a bit too late, so that means she's not tired at the girls early bedtime.
But it does give us a little one-on-one time after Shi falls asleep.
Sometimes we just watch a bit of a movie, sometimes she eats a late night snack (and seriously still wakes up with her stomach growling!), or sometimes we just chat a bit.

"i like Shiloh. she not mean"

"Tom sedick is swimming, wooez is sleeping." (our goldfish)

"i swim in tub. i tending i a pincess."

"seeds all gone. dere no little bit." (seeds = almonds)

"horse says yee-ha"

"inside my nose is gross"

"Dada good guy"

After almost slipping off my lap "whew, i fall in da sky!"

"no mm for gas." (m&m)

Such a funny and amusing little person, my daughter. :)

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