Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fever, Fever, go away

Vivian caught her sister's virus. :(
She suddenly was very whiny and hot, the ear thermometer was reading between 102.6-103 degrees.
I gave her the last dose of Ibuprofen and that quickly brought her fever down to the normal range.
Then I went to grab a new bottle of medicine and found we were all out and that all I had left was Tylenol.
Fevers make me nervous, so I couldn't get much sleep that night because Tylenol doesn't last as long as Motrin nor did it bring her fever completely down.
I kept checking on her to make sure her fever didn't spike, and around 2am she woke up because she was feverish again.

Then when we got up for the day, I went to take her temperature and found that the batteries in our thermometer had died!
It takes button-cell batteries too, and not AA or AAA which we have on hand.
So I ran to the drugstore and picked up a big bottle of Motrin, but they didn't have the batteries that I needed.
Fortunately I've still been able to take her temperature with a digital thermometer under her armpit. It just takes a long time that way.

Last night we were able to sleep much easier. Vivian was so tired that I was rushing to get her into bed and completely forgot to put a diaper on her (she still needs them for night and naps). It didn't hit me until after midnight and by that time she had already been in bed for hours!
Amazingly, she was still dry!

Do I get bonus points for being able to put a diaper on a child wearing zippered footie pajamas....without taking off the pajamas and most importantly not waking the sleeping child? (Lol it's not my first time though, I forgot the night-diaper a few times when I was training Shi too)
I'm glad I finally remembered the diaper because it was quite soaked this morning!

Vivian's newest phrase is "of course". It's how she's replying to most everything I ask her. So funny. She's talking non-stop now.
Today she was saying "No Snowman! Snow...PINCESS (princess)! No Snowman! Snow PINCESS!"
I'm not sure why she was saying it, but she thought it was the funniest thing.
Thankfully Shiloh seems to be doing much better today. She's had a bad cough and not even been able to sleep without the vaporizer going so it will be great if she can sleep soundly tonight.

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