Friday, January 14, 2011

Knit 'em Cowgirl!

I started my next knitting project, well just barely started. There are loops of yarn on my knitting needle but that's as far as I've gotten.
I'm supposed to be making a shrug, but basically that's all that I do when I think about knitting it. lol
Shiloh is always asking to help knit and tying any strings or straps or ribbons into hopeless knots and proudly showing me her "knitting".
So I bought the girls some sewing cards so they have their own projects while I am knitting.
Shiloh does pretty well and says it's her knitting. Vivian's cards look like she lassoed and hogtied them! haha! But she is still young for the cards, they say for ages three and up and she won't even be three for months yet.

Vivian is still doing great with potty-training. She's been waking up dry from both naps and bedtime for a few days now. We still haven't conquered her nerves over the big potty yet.
We went out for a quick trip to the store and out to dinner, she asked to go potty repeatedly and she really had to go but I took her a total of six times while we were out and she just couldn't do it.
She kept her diaper dry though and just rushed to the potty once we got home!

We have a decent amount of snow now, just not been too great for the kids to play in.
It's been windy and chilly and the snow is not good packing snow, though Shi still had fun throwing handfuls of it around.
Unfortunately when we were out, the neighbor decided to start snow blowing which made Vivi nervous so I had to carry her around after that but they both still thought it was fun. :)

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