Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monkey see

I'm finally starting to see some progress in my knitting.
The girls are so cute and when they see me knitting, they have run for their sewing cards and settle down on the couch next to me.
Sometimes Vivi just likes to have her own skein of yarn and she just hugs it and plays with a strand of it for a bit.
It's fun having my own little knitting circle. :)
Shiloh's also asked me to make some little blankets for her dollhouse so that's another project on my list.
That should be pretty simple though, a bit of material and maybe some hemming or trimming.

Vivian is doing well with potty-training, right now our only real issue is getting her to use a regular toilet instead of her little potty.
She has a hard time with that and it makes it difficult to leave the house....not that we've been getting out too much anyways with our January weather of winter storms and below zero temps!
I need to try getting her comfortable using the toilet with the child attachment and going from there.
The thing is that she really has to go and I can see that she's honestly trying but she gets too nervous or something.

I made a lemon bread last week and Vivian really loved it. Now whenever she pretends to bake or even playing with play-doh, she tells me she's making lemon bread. :)
Shiloh gets so caught up in playing with play-doh. When I told her she had played long enough and needed to stop and eat lunch, she replied "But I'm not hungry I made lots of pancakes". She had little plates all full of play-doh pancakes....and she poked little holes in some of them to make chocolate-chip pancakes. :)

Vivi has been talking so much now. Since Shiloh has always been a chatterbox, it can get quite noisy at times now...especially when they both try to talk over the other one!
Vivi wanted me to do something the other day and I replied "What do you think I am?"
She replied without pause "A monkey!"
Then she continued "Carry me Monkey, Peese!"

Makes me miss the days of simple baby babble, lol.

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