Monday, January 31, 2011

Sore Shoulder

Getting older is just awesome.
I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder and it's just taking so much longer to recover than usual. It's sending pains up my neck and down my back and arm.
I'm needing heating pads and Ibuprofen and muscle creams etc....which are not really helping, it's still aching.

Trying to explain to Vivi that Mama is hurt and can't carry her everywhere.
At least she understands that she's heavy for me, she said "i heavy, i eat lotsa food!" :)
Not too heavy though really, she's only about 26 lbs. now.
But wow, the girls eat breakfast like crazy! They'll eat pancakes, then bowls of cereal or toast or a pbj, then a banana, then more pancakes and still be hungry at lunchtime!
Need fuel for all their energy, I guess. :)

I ran out to the grocery store today, they're having a lot of sales so people can stock up on Super Bowl Party supplies.
It wasn't a great time to go though, the afternoon before an impending snow storm.
The store was pretty crowded!
This storm looks like it's hitting most of the United States.
It's quite a monster storm, and it seems to be quite difficult for the weathermen to give us a good estimate of how much snow to anticipate.
The girls will enjoy it at least, they love watching it snow and playing in it. :)

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