Tuesday, February 08, 2011

An Apple (pie) a day...

Windy, cold and blizzard-like outdoors...but I'm warm with an electric blanket, a cup of tea, and a rapidly emptying box of chocolates. Life is good. :)

My shoulder is much better now, though I do keep tweaking it.
I felt it pull again last night when I lifted Shi over the child-gate in her room, and earlier I had lifted her into a shopping cart so it was a little sore but nothing bad.
I need to do pull-ups or push-ups or something...getting wimpy!

Vivian was waking a lot the other night, so in the morning I was exhausted and I asked her "Vivian, why in the world were you waking up so many times last night?!"
She looked at me, held up two fingers and said "i two!"
Yes, that explains it all. lol

Tonight Vivian was babbling away to herself and playing with her baby dolls when suddenly Shiloh spoke up.
"Vivian! You do not say "oh my gosh". That is bad. You may say "oh my", that's okay. But you do not say "oh my gosh"."
Vivi looked up confused "oh dosh bad? no oh dosh?"
I told Shi that I don't think that was what Vivi was saying but that yes, it is not something I want them to say.

We were getting ready to leave a store parking lot yesterday and I told the girls that they were very good in the store. Shiloh piped up "Yes Mama, I was fabulous!"
Such a character!

Today, Shiloh pointed to her head and said "This side of my head feels horrible!"
I replied "Oh, that's not good. What does the other side feel like?"
Shiloh: "That side feels like A."
Me, confused "Like A? Like the letter "A"??"
Shiloh: "Yes, like A. But I think (rests her head on her hand to show she is really thinking)....I think....chocolate would make my head feel better, or maybe pie!"
Hmm, she's always thinking!

I was cutting up apples for a pie today (so that's why Shi kept hinting about eating pie) and Shiloh asked to chew on the apple cores.
I handed them to her and told her that apples are very good for you and keep you healthy.
She took a bite, straightened up and looked at me with big eyes "Look Mom! The apple is making me healthy!"

Amazing! :)

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