Friday, February 11, 2011

Curtain call

While winter has us snowed in, I thought it was a good time to (finally) make curtains for our kitchen!
Our kitchen has never had curtains and honestly I thought it didn't really need them, they might even make it look too cluttered or something.
But I finally decided that I would like something there. First I thought of traditional tiers, then maybe just something short and simple at the top....

I found this great black and white polka-dot material at Wal-Mart. (for $2.50 a yd)

And I looked online to get some design ideas, and a few hours later....

They can hang straight or tie up in the middle (as shown). I love them!
I am amazed that they came out looking so nice, and much simpler to create than I anticipated too.
Shiloh even told me that the curtains are her favorite part of the kitchen now. :) 

My next curtain project will be for our renovated attic. Shiloh chose this material which is so cute and goes well with the paint color as well. I bought more material than I need for curtains because the pattern is so adorable, and I'd like to use that to make some matching accent pieces.

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