Tuesday, February 22, 2011

French toast hair

This morning when I was getting the girls ready for the day, Shiloh asked me to do her hair "french toast".
I said "What? You want french toast for breakfast??"
Shiloh patted her head "No, I want you to french toast my hair."
"Oh, you want me to french braid your hair?"
Shiloh nodding "Yep!" :)

Yesterday I jumped out at the girls and shouted "Boo!".
They giggled, but their bucket of crayons that was sitting in the corner suddenly fell over at the same time.
I said "Oh, I scared the bucket of crayons!".
The girls picked up the bucket, and I went into the kitchen to wash dishes.
Next thing I hear the girls saying "Boo" repeatedly. I checked on them and they were sitting around the bucket of crayons shouting "Boo" at it and trying to scare it into falling over again. lol!

Vivian has learned how to roll her L's. I'm not even sure how she does it, I can't do it!
She likes to do it mainly with Shiloh's name "Shi-luh-luh-loh". She just goes around the house saying Shi's name or even when she calls her, she has to say it "Shi-luh-luh-loh".

Shi is doing really well with her schoolwork. It's so nice that I can focus on what things that she needs to work on. There is a lot of repetition of writing 1-10 and so on but she really needed more practice forming 3's and 5's properly so I have her do some extra practice on those.
She gets impatient with counting so that often takes us longer.
A story/reason for her to count helps. Like saying "Grama gave this many jellybeans to Vivian, now she wants to give you the same amount of jellybeans so you need to count the jellybeans so you know how many Grama needs to give you" or even just having her sit on my lap while she counts helps. Somehow it seems to help her focus more.

Vivian's cut by her nose is healing well. The tiny bandaids wouldn't stay on very well with the movement of her mouth, so finally I found a blue "Carebear" bandaid that would fit okay. She looked like had a blue mustache. ;-)
The only problem then was that it was getting gross being next to her mouth and she didn't want it removed because she was afraid it would hurt.
I was hoping it would fall off during her bath but since it was on her face and she hates getting her face wet...it wasn't likely.
So I kept applying baby oil to the bandaid and it eventually fell off while she was sleeping and thankfully she hasn't missed it.
The "Carebear" bandaids are also the ones that Shiloh had an allergic reaction to a couple years ago, so I haven't let Shiloh use them since. It's nice to know that they don't bother Vivi at all, even after she kept it on for awhile.

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