Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Four

Vivi is doing pretty good today. Her upper lip is still pretty puffy. :(
She wouldn't drink last night or this morning, and barely touched her breakfast...and usually my girls are starving in the morning and eat non-stop!
Finally she ate a bit of popsicle, then some soup and sipped some apple juice.
She took a nap on the couch too, which is good since she missed her nap yesterday.
I didn't have a diaper on her so I tucked a blanket under her just in case, and when she woke I said "Yay! You didn't pee on my couch!"
Shiloh immediately piped up "I didn't pee on your couch either, Mommy!"
okay...uh, thanks.

This was Shiloh helping me bake a pie yesterday....

 It took a lot of her concentration to stir slowly and not flick flour everywhere. :)

This is a page from her schoolwork this morning.
After drawing one set of balloons, she asked if she could put faces on the next set.
I agreed....
And the next thing I knew the balloons had hair, hands, and feet too!
At least there are 8 of them! ;-)

She was doing a connect-the-dots picture the other day and she asked me "Mama, what comes after 32?"
"Are you sure, Mama? Are you sure?"
I sputtered "What?! Of course I'm sure! 31...32...33!"
Shiloh giggled and thought my reaction was hysterical so after that, every question she had for me, she would giggle and ask if I was sure!
So cheeky! lol

She asked me to do sewing cards with her so we were sitting on the couch and each working on one.
Then she stops me and tells me that I need to flip the card over each time I push the yarn she is doing.
I replied "That's okay, I can do it this way"
She watched me sew for a minute and said "Oh...well, that looks....wrong..."

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