Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One of THOSE days...

First, I'd like to start off with a round of applause for all Homeschooling Moms out there...past and present. :)
It's harder than being a stay-at-home Mom, it's harder than being a working Mom. It is a million jobs in one!
You Rock!!!

I have to get my kudos out there before I join the ranks. :)
I decided to order Kindergarten workbooks for Shiloh. She's such a smartie and she loves workbooks. She's actually learned so much that I was having trouble finding curriculum that I thought would be challenging and not too repetitive of what she already knew.
Sooo that's how I find myself in the situation of teaching cursive to a 4 year old!

Thankfully, I had bought some plastic page protectors so with some dry-erase markers she can enjoy a lot of practice and we won't wear out quite so many erasers.
Shiloh was so excited about her books coming, she kept looking for "the big brown truck" (UPS) to bring her books.
They arrived on Valentine's Day and we dug right in.
So it is only day two, but she is enjoying it so far and keeps asking to do more work when we've finished.
 Word blends and repetitive cursive practicing is not as fun to her, but her workbooks and sounding out words she really enjoys.

Now today was rough...all around!
Woken up around 4am because Vivian had wet through her diaper/clothes/sheets/blankets etc. etc.
Then while helping Shi with her schoolwork this morning (I knew there was a reason I wanted to wait until DH left for work for the day!)....DH decides to assemble a bookshelf in my kitchen. So the next thing he needs help with that and with moving furniture around, amidst vacuuming donut crumbs off the floor, helping Vivi to the potty...where she doesn't quite make it (of course), and keeping Shiloh from proceeding to next pages in her workbook because she thinks she knows all the answers!

Then DH leaves for work. The contractors who are working on our attic, keep tripping the breaker and needing me to run down to the basement and reset it.
After the second or third time of pulling me away from laundry/dishes/potty-training/cleaning/baking etc. etc....and perhaps motivated by the look in my eyes. The contractor asks where the breaker is and starts resetting it himself.

After Shiloh's schoolwork is officially done (when I find time, I let her do additional pages since she keeps begging me), we did our home-economics lesson of apple pie making.
Shi dumped in the ingredients, practiced using a pastry blender, chewed on apple cores, helped pour out the apples into the pie crust, and programmed the oven with the correct temperature. :-)
Vivian was torn between helping with the pie and watching her favorite movie "Stewart Little". lol.

Then baths for the girls, and a taste of the pie before bed.
Vivi hadn't had a nap so I was going to put her to bed first, but suddenly she was running around with Shi and tripped face-first into our coffee table.
I saw her fall and seriously felt all the color drain out of my face.
It's not as bad as I thought when I saw her fall. She scraped up the side of her nose, and has a small gash in the skin above her lip.
When she had calmed down she said "it really hurt". :(
Such a toughie she is though, reminds me soooo much of my sister.
Not eager to see what it's going to look like in the morning though, her poor lip was all puffy. She's not crazy about the bandaid, but I told her to keep it on at least tonight.
She asked for a "princess" bandaid but those wouldn't work for this injury so it had to be a plain one.
Shiloh was crying so much everytime she looked at Vivian, that I finally showed Vivi what she looked like with the scraped nose and bandaid so that Shi wouldn't freak her out!

Then we settled down on the couch to watch some television for awhile so everyone could calm down before I finally put them to bed.

Ready to put this day to bed too!

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